Intimate Octopus Sex with Monkey-Diver! Angry Eel Attacks Octopus And Diver 1 day ago   01:08

Red Sea Explorers
An octopus uses specially modified "sex arm" to mate under the watchful eye of a monkey-diver.

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Angry Eel Attacks Octopus And Diver Intimate Octopus Sex with Monkey-Diver! 1 day ago   00:45

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This frightening encounter of an eel engaged in eight-tentacled warfare suddenly got a lot scarier when it launched secondary an attack on the snorkelers.

Swedish couple, Nicklas, 29 and Elin, 23 were filming their snorkel in Hanuama Bay, Oahu, Hawaii when they came across a moray eel struggling with an octopus.

After the octopus broke free- one tentacle lighter- the huge wound-up eel left in a cloud of ink turned on the holidaymakers like a scene from a horror film.

Military officer, Nicklas said: “Me and my girlfriend was snorkelling early in the morning in the famous Hanuama Bay.

“We had been in the water for about 30 minutes, we had already seen the eel earlier.