Google Wants To End The Huawei Ban How Americans Are Losers In The US-China Trade 1 day ago   58:28

Lew Later
As the Huawei ban continues Google has stepped in to defend the Chinese brand and It's ability to utilize the full-fledged Android OS.
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Lew Later
LaterClips -
Hector Andem
"Not today, NSA" 👌
Wouldn't it be a little boring if the world was just ios and Android?
NO Google Play Service, more battery life
Valued One
Let huawei try to get their own OS ready... Microsoft, BlackBerry and Web tried and failed badly...
Hashim Iqbal
Ultimately, the power rests not in the hands of the U.S. government but rather in the hands of the consumers who can revolt against the tyranny of the U.S. government and dictate what the technological landscape looks like in the West.
Steven Ting
Thank you America for helping China expedite the development of the next gen. OS...Lol🤣🤣
Rent Lows
Google once again pulling another cheap advertising stun. Why Google not admitted that Google and US government will no longer spying on the new Huwei's OS phones because of the ban. We all know Google is cheap advertising company but this getting too far.
nice content. you should upload more on this topic
Ian Collins
Google or no Google who cares I will pick the best phone at the best price don't have to bet the flagship one and its always Huawei. Just picked up my new mate 20 pro
Achhuana Hk
We need Tupac to shut Donald Trump and Google down
Robert Lee
Huawei is a patent troll for applying so many US patents.
Micheal Yu
Google ban will only promote Huawei
Bring out Ark OS baby
Justice NDOU
there is an assumption here that anything other than google products is going to be an inferior product, this outlook is completely wrong and the reason why the USA has a problem to start with....
Jeff Thomas
This guy... good luck listeners.
Sarthak Singh
this is actually such a decent podcast
Huewei is done
Huawei please kick google's ass .they are spying and censoring us.
Google is worse than Apple. They pretend as if they care about privacy. Imagine if Google was bought out by Huawei?
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How Americans Are Losers In The US-China Trade Google Wants To End The Huawei Ban 1 day ago   08:16

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