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Chad Wild Clay
Which Box is a TRAP & which is a NINJA Gadget?
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After I, Chad Wild Clay, made I SPY on PROJECT ZORGO Pretending to Play Real Life Trick Identity Trust Fall Mystery Pool Challenge, Vy Qwaint created I DONT TRUST PROJECT ZORGO - VY vs HACKER in NINJA BATTLE ROYALE (PZ4 Wrong Mystery Pool Challenge), and Daniel uploaded I CATCH PROJECT ZORGO PZ4 Pretending to Play a Detective Searching for Chad Wild Clay on the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, I explored and searched for clues that could lead me to the location of this strange character of the Skittles girl. Is that PZ4, member of the hackers at Project Zorgo? I hope I find her soon. I definitely do not want to be trapped in this spooky area for a 24 hour overnight challenge at 3am! I don't want to be the last to leave this area all by myself! I don't trust fall this person at all. I should give her a lie detector test when I find her. Are there any hidden secret doors she could be sneaking around in? I need to do a mystery box unboxing of the skittles package I found near the fire hydrant. The Zorgo language is written on it! I'll use the decoder wheel to decode what these symbols mean! The truth to who PZ4 is will be revealed soon I hope! If only I had that magical remote, I could do a Pause Challenge on her to have her face revealed! Vy is missing right now, and I need you ninjas help to search for clues and riddles that can lead me to her secret hidden location! Vy used her spy skills to sneakily take the mystery USB flashdrive with top secret information on it. She was able to use a metal detector and dig up expensive treasure! We're going to try and do a ninja gadget haul to accomplish that mission again but this time it appears Project Zorgo is setting traps for us! Which $10,000 ebay mystery box is a trick and which one contains treasure? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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carike van aswegen
Metal reforce
It's a trap
Ehern YT
I see a hacker!!!!
Bony Brim
If u a spy ninja thumbs up this comment
Bony Brim
I want a magnafine glass red thing to and the map
Yumikho Athena Masiclat
I am pz 4 the girl ok always remember project zorgo is watching but im the side of CWC your trully spy ninja chad and vy .Its a joke i am yumikho
greidis cardona
Yumikho Athena Masiclat
If you like vy and chads videio live a like down here
Yumikho Athena Masiclat
Daniel Mccool
Beware the pigeon hackers
Daniel Mccool
I could see the things without the red thing cuz I am a real spy Ninja
lucky singh
You should call the police and tell on them
Aubry Debord
Real Steal
Theres a gadget at the octupus thing i think
persephonie martinez
if you like chad and vy give me a like
Jireh Joseph
Dylan Sutton
Radhika Thotakura
Pz4 has a blue peice of paper in her mask😱😱😱
Janee’s World
Umm...My friend has a PZ mask... She says she is PZ 4 but i dont
belive her
The Anti 2
Its a trap
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10 Weird Kids Toys on Amazon! DONT OPEN The WRONG HACKER 2 days ago   21:10

These kids toys are so inappropriate for children! I'm shocked you can buy these 10 strange items on Amazon. Disturbing kids games about poop, offensive dolls, and the weirdest children's toys ever is some of the stuff I found on Amazon.
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