Boris Johnson launches Conservative Boris Johnson The Irresistible Rise 1 day ago   17:01

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Since Theresa May stepped down 10 Conservative MPs have thrown their hat into the ring in a bid to be the next leader and Prime Minister.

Whoever finally crosses the threshold of Number 10 will be responsible for negotiating the UK's exit from the EU. So, where do the hopefuls stand on Brexit?...

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Major rule change to Tory leadership contest boosts Boris Johnson’s hopes of becoming Prime Minister:

Who will be the next UK Prime Minister? Latest odds on candidates after Theresa May stepped down yesterday:

Tory bosses slap extra security measures on leadership race to stop MPs stealing votes:

As the election gets underway just how do the Tories vote for a new leader?

Tory leadership rivals ‘trying to keep May in power because they fear Boris Johnson will win easily if she goes soon’:

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Comments 1127 Comments

phil doodler
Nice speech. Now I'm off to my nearest food bank.
Citizen Buck
Resilience ? I suspect Mr.Trump had something bigley to any success England has! Ah you won’t be Uniting , you will only be allowed for a while to believe your country is Your country, Tis controlled by London Period!! NWO new folks own London!
Alan Glasgow Bassist
This is the Tories last chance. If Boris doesn’t get Brexit through then we will have Steptoe as PM. I have always voted Tory in a GE but my next vote will be Brexit Party if Brexit is not carried out. If that then means having Corbyn as PM then so be it.
Michael Tayeby
Boris and Farage are very good actors.
They passionately lie and brainwash themselves and populist.
Their self interest help them to argue persuasively
Michael Stevens
Thatcher stole Milk from small children. What makes me think Tories are great? Oh that was it nothing.
Sarah Isreal
Great speech my friend
majella mc laughlin
Tin Thanh Nguyen
Don't let USA kill JB and then they put Jason Boune in it no good .
Tin Thanh Nguyen
Make my Majesty happy , please .Thanks alot Mr .Boris Johnson .
Tin Thanh Nguyen
Mr Daniel Craig is my favorite James Bond .Healthy and strong .
Tin Thanh Nguyen
United Kingdom is forever .healthy and strong .
Tin Thanh Nguyen
That is the man I have voted .from Canada .too bad I am not a British .done.
Sally Jobs
Hope that u can deliver your promise:)
Cyril X
The UK economy continues to grow....Because it is a member of the EU
Steve Parkinson
Why doesn't the Sun talk about the Robin Tilbury case in the high courts right now, against the government, declaring that it was CONSTITUTIONALLY illegal to extend Article 50 and that only a referendum could have overturned it. Why is the government spending £1m of tax payers money to defend it? Search Daddy Dragon to find out why MSM are not covering it.
debra durling
What will you propose to do for our disability and elderly . Will you pleade get ride if personal independent payment capita and atos they are killing our disabeled.
Go back to GPS and the heath system to do face to face assessments.
They are lieing and failing and hosting the government millions of tax payers money
Our government is allowing them to kill disabled people we have to go through so much to go through this and medical records are not looked at by DWP .
Thank you
Krissi kaye
I'm not into politics...I have no idea what's going on here.when I saw the line up of candidates,I said "oh nooooo"WTF. the future of our country lies in the hands of one of these people. A Scary thought. So this is just a thought..I believe Boris buggered off ..resigned as he didn't agree with Mays approach to Brexit. very interested to see what he is going to do.not just Brexit,but with all problems that need sorting in the UK. good luck to all of us
Jonathon Kellers
Boris you need to step up and do a NO DEAL BREXIT and it needs to be BEFORE Oct 31st. If you do not do this, you have NO DEMOCRACY in the UK. This from the land of the Magna Carta..........
Anton King
Anyone who thinks that B.J. (Rather apt) is in this for anything other than fulfilling his personal ambition, is deluded! Self serving buffoon. Be careful what you wish for.
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Boris Johnson The Irresistible Rise Boris Johnson launches Conservative 1 day ago   59:09