Transformers: Devastation ending movie Decepticons who died in Transformers The Movie 5 months ago   04:11

Marcelo Fuenzalida
Transformers: Devastation ending movie - (1986) - Theme - Lion dub

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Miguel Garcia
Till all are one
Bradford star☆
80s badass was way more badass then 2019 badass !
Headbanging just as hard as i did back then !
i just take tylenol after now ........
Miguel Garcia
I spent 33 dollars to buy a soundwave toy.
Leo.A. Ferbelliner
Es lo más genial que hay! Excelente
Javroni Family
Am I the only one that gets goosebumps?
Gold Prime
This game makes you feel like a badass. I love it.
blakout 212
Badass song forever
Nazri Buang
Puppy Lightning Knight
1:52 lol the timing
Helio de Abreu
Que saudade dos mixels e dos transformers
Nazri Buang
Its Jxke
I hate what Michael bay did to davstater
Its Jxke
And I love transformers g1
Its Jxke
I love this song and transformers
Jacob Kennedy
this fit's to damn well
Adam Dwane
Blitzwing vs Bumblebee

Movie foreshadowing
Mr. Pancake
Kinda funny they had blitzwing fighting bumblebee
Chris’s Videos
You did not make that I know because that’s from transformers devastation but the music is not. Thumbs down 👎
Kendal Chicarelli
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Decepticons who died in Transformers The Movie Transformers: Devastation ending movie 5 months ago   03:07

all the decepticons who died