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Marcelo Fuenzalida
Transformers: Devastation ending movie - (1986) - Theme - Lion dub

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Scarif Prime
The ending to Transformers Devestation is nicely synced together with the music.
Paul mills
Some one should forward this to Micheal bay, show him hows it done
Kelsey Sarmentio
See This Michael bay? This Is A Good And Exciting Product Featuring The Transformers, Now Go And Eat My Shit Again You Greedy Fucker.
Kevin Sanshiro
Fuck Michael Bay ,and his piece of trash TF movies Long Live G1!!
Leo.A. Ferbelliner
Well Done Autobot!
mateus gueme mateus j
O poder de sibetron está acabando
Shadow the hedgehog
Ezequiel Gomez 2020
¡Felicidades por el Video Amigo!
absolutely beautiful. I love the regular credits theme too, but this is all kinds of badass. Great job.
I can already picture a sequel in development: I don't know about it plot-wise, but it probably will be just awesome like this game was. However, game-play wise... I'm just gonna go off here.

There definitely should be a level where you play as a Combiner (Autobot/Decepticon) and you 1v1 another. Holy shit that'd be amazing, just seeing Defensor and Bruticus duking it out in the city. I'd shit my pants. Plus we really need a Decepticon campaign! I'm dying to play as my main man Soundwave!

PlatinumGames PLZ
Adam The yoshi
Omg started of games grimlock death i like
Denise frey
For a second there I thought these guys were good at the manikin challenge.
MrShitStain .-.
Anyone think this game is LIT?!
Why does the video sound like it's underwater? I want to like this but the sound really needs to be fixed.
Ariel Oteen
who else think that this looks like anime
Maria Medina
está canción está ala onda
I loved this game so much they brought all the old characters not all but I dont care
Nice job!🙂
Best tf game ever.wish they made grim bigger tho
2:34 WTF!? I don't recall the Insecticons being taller than Optimus Prime?
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TRANSFORMERS: DEVASTATION - EVERY CHARACTER Transformers: Devastation ending movie 4 months ago   05:48

A Full list of the Auto-Bots, Insecticons, Decepticons, & Dinobots Models.