Farmer who voted for Trump: I'm not going Want to understand why Trump has rural 2 days ago   08:29

Christopher Gibbs, an Ohio farmer who voted for President Donald Trump, tells CNN's Kate Bolduan he doesn't understand why farmers must make the sacrifices in the trade war with China. #CNN #News

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Trump's just allotted money for farmers who may be hurt by the trade war. 5/25/19 --- Look it up.
We always win we always win get over it losers😆😆😆🤣🤣👶🏽🤛🏽
Jim Mcdonald
I be glad when trump is out of office in 2020 that clown has done enough damage to this country. its time we as americans think smartly and take this country back on the right track
John Bucholtz
Get off the trump train and get on what.. the socialist train? That's your choice. Put your faith in Trump, quit crying to CNN.
Force Bender
Farmers patriotism certainly can't be Trump's excuse for his fail policy.
R 1900
Lol well American farmers that’s what winning feels like
Christina Kumalo
Fake news again
Fonso Hernandez
Exactly is from all the hard working families with kids so farmers just take it just like that great
will yang
If Trump didn’t know this trade war with China will not harm or even sacrifice American farmers, he had been ill informed and naive. Why did he still go ahead and do it? Reelection.
David Tay
Because of this trumpet, America will be destroyed.
Christina Bai
Susan Han
Thank you for your honesty, Christopher.
Marilyn Malone
Farmer's got Greedy while Clinton's were in office by bringing in Illegals and working them for below wages and letting our Government pick up the tap for their Insurance and other needs! Turning their Farms into growing Soybeans instead of actually growing a good food Source for America to eat! America doesn't need Soybeans we need Real Organic crops not a filler and some cases a harmful product!
free speech is a joke in US.
Danny Souheaver
Anyone should have known what the orange Rudd was gonna do.
They got what they voted for. Maybe they will wake up now and abandon the lying prick.
mohiuddin khan
Is there a way to put more percentages of tax bar on Golf Fields, Hotels and Casino business?
Paul Shearer
Not a Trump fan but anyone who can't see Trumps trade war with China as a necessary move are short sighted morons. This guy says he's tough but he's as soft as a pillow. Short term pain for long term gain....idiot.
This will not even be a contest for 2020 election, strongest economy since the 1980s, booming stock market, regulations cut, 3% or more growth, lowest unemployment in history. Trump wins in a landslide in 2020
Mar Ke
Kevin Gaines
Welfare pure and simple
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Want to understand why Trump has rural Farmer who voted for Trump: I'm not going 2 days ago   03:41

The small town of Wilmington, Ohio, was devastated in 2008 when DHL left and took more than 7,000 jobs with it. As the town tries to claw its way back, the Post explains why Donald Trump's election victory has brought it new life.

(Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Washington Post.)