Farmer who voted for Trump: I'm not going CNN reporter presses Trump: You promised 2 days ago   08:29

Christopher Gibbs, an Ohio farmer who voted for President Donald Trump, tells CNN's Kate Bolduan he doesn't understand why farmers must make the sacrifices in the trade war with China. #CNN #News

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John W
Trump 2020🇺🇸 any time changes are made it affects the people one way or another. At least he is taking on the tough decisions. Not like the last lightweight president..
Robert Di Risio
America for Trump 2020...CNN you will lose again!
Joe Smith
Hey Mr. Farmer from Iowa, you get money to fix your tractor, myself and others like myself, could use that "that $ 20000.00" to fix our vehicles, put food on our tables, and help pay our rent. You caused this, you and others, who didn't listen to the information that came out during the campaign. And now, you cry about his actions? Republicans are trying to take away health care, and you more than likely supported. You had to, Trump campaign on it. Stop crying, The United States Tax Payers bailed your Republican butt out.
Steven Brown
To all farmers! Let's not forget Enron! Who did it hurt? Consider this before you vote again!!!!!!!!
Edward Puddy
Why don't ya just change your name to Benedict Arnold.
J Brooks
Trump wants a trade war with China, because Russia wants us to have a trade war with China, so they can trade with China. Russia is already selling China soybeans. Trump is in Russia's pocket.
Walter Chernicki
Free fall bitch
Walter Chernicki
Fake news pick farmer who may lose few bucks join air force. I was a marine in nam. Grow a pair buddy
Marton Steve
blessing xaba
you reap what you saw
Jaime Garcia
Christopher, thank you for your honesty. Cadet Bonespurs does not understand or care about about what you stated. Also, 22 years ago China started preparing for this day by cultivating soybeans in Brazil. The Chinese would rather not deal with the American farmers any more than they have to. The Brazil operations give China a lot of flexibility, but the still need soybeans. Trump's stupid, I'll thought trade war will come back to him and be stuck up his fund ass with a candle on it. Farmers are without doubt that economic entity that buys more American made products than other sector. Trump is interested in appealing to his base of haters that will watch his TV show after he is out of office, and enriching Ivanka, Jared, the two great white safari hunters, and the Wall Street sleazoids that make up his Cabinet. If you have ever been around American farmers you gave seen the hardest working and most innovative people in the entire world. They did not deserve this suffering inflicted upon them by Trump and the GOP that has been reinvented in the image of the Trump Crime Family.
Rufus Temple III
I dont believe that guy really voted for him. I also dont believe that the long term strategy with these tariffs, which will greatly help farmers in the next 4-6 years, was appropriately represented by CNN. Thirdly, something about this interview seems off. I know a lot of farmers and they would have had to dug real deep to find one with that stance. I just dont trust CNN one bit and i think farmers are very smart people and can see the long term goal here. China was in the fast lane to completely owning us and Trump made some difficult decisions in order to reset that relationship. Anyone who understands the situation, especially a farmer knows theres gonna be a temporary timel, maybe 4 or 5 years where itcan be worrisome at times but its gonna play out for the benfit long term for the farmers. They have a rally coming under this president and i think most of them know it.
gary noland
This guy has no idea what he's talking about, just more welfare scum.
alfonso stein
These idiots voted for conman and now they are paying the consequences.
toney ingram
You people voted for satan and now you are playing like hell
I despise the notion of patriots and patriotism. It's fake bullshit.
W.S. Schuessler
In any war....even a trade war, there are casualties. Trade with China has been one sided for too long. They tariff our goods, we don't tariff theirs. We NEED a trade war with China to even the playing field. Trump has tried to help farmers with the financial difficulties such a war entails and this whine ass is complaining less than a month since it began. Seems to me he should manage his business better. Too much overhead running a farm to be living paycheck to paycheck. This is a war that has to be done or China will own the U.S. Thank Bill Clinton for this mess plus Two Bushes and an O'Bummer.Trump knows the Chinese hold too many U.S. treasury bills to finance U.S. loans. If we fail they fail. If China tries to dump the bills on the open market.....No one will buy them. They would smell like a bad investment to everyone. China has to deal with Trump. Right now, they are playing a waiting game to see if Trump would lose the next election. Meanwhile, their GDP has declined by 36%. They cant wait too much longer. The U.S. is by far their largest customer.....there is no other game in town.
The farmers hate what Trump is doing but not enough to not vote for him, again, in 2020.
Hafid Asri
another reason and proof he is a loser
Markuz Rockuz
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CNN reporter presses Trump: You promised Farmer who voted for Trump: I'm not going 2 days ago   10:00

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