Dublin Coastal Development From Howth to Landing at Dublin 2 days ago   02:37

The Dublin Coastal Development. A new development on Dublin Bay.

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Aja Donna
Yeah I thought a joke too...
The gas thing is they did go nuts this in Dubai lol
Went to Dublin Last October. Cant wait to Go Back. DUBLINS AWESOME!!!!! bit expensive tho.ha.
Corgis mclean
I realized it was a joke when I heard "Giraffe only zoo".
Gerry S
Ha Ha - Hilarious - I nearly took this seriously ..... Not!! - maybe 6 years ago - nice one - can you imagine the price of houses in Dalkey and Killiney if this ever happened? Demand your slice of paradise right now - I'm splitting my sides haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen?!
Wow I never heard of such a creative way for our country to commit total and utter economic suicide!
@OBAMAisHalfCaste Right nice to know ur racist and hate polish people because i love them think there great craic. Also its been voted the easiest city to intergrate into has the lowest rates of discrimination and crime of any capital in europe and has been voted the most friendly capital on earth evedentally your just a dope that no1 likes so ya never come back to dublin it dosent need a racist idiot! Also its very diffrent to every other capital obviusly no one place is the same!
the worlds only giraffe-only zoo baaahahahahahahahaha
Jesus, a shamrock seen from space. Fucking vulgar.
kevin gorman
I don't think it's necessary to be hatin all American's ! I'm from tallaght and Live in the US now. Love this country. He's probably a culchie anyway.
hahah i love it!!! soo funny made my day!
@OBAMAisHalfCaste Well if you dont like it then dont come back cause we dont need stupid minded Americans like you in our city.
Dublin has it all and is a very friendly city with a good buzz and atmosphere.
Aero Villa
@OBAMAisHalfCaste HaHa ive seen your comments on numerous videos. The word "troll" springs to mind. Get a life you complete and utter faggit...
Keelin Bradford
@OBAMAisHalfCaste if u dont like it DONT COME HERE AGAIN U FAT AMERICAN F**K
I'm just glad Bang Bang didn't live long enough to have to see this.
Kristin M
APRILL :))))

Its a joke you fucking moron.
EastStand Hoop
yeah fuck abu dhadi we gonna gt a shamrock island futureistic city n mad shit
ya thats never going to happen now lol
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From Howth to Landing at Dublin Dublin Coastal Development 2 days ago   03:51

Aerial views including Howth, Sutton, Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Clongriffin, The Donaghies, Halla Chlair, Belcamp, Bonnybrook, The M1 and Dublin International Airport.