Brooks & Dunn, Luke Combs Brooks & Dunn - Red Dirt Road 1 day ago   03:10

Get Brooks & Dunn's "Brand New Man" with Luke Combs on the new album, Reboot, featuring collaborations on iconic songs.

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Dann Huff!! Giant! amazing country hit
Jessica West
Is Ronnie tatted up?! Yaaaaaas!
Ben Varga
I have never heard Luke sing classic country and he's great
Patriotic American
100%, Rarely can a song of this caliber be improved upon.
Chris Rose
Love it !!!
Rocki Lynn
I love this 😍😍😍😍
Curtis Stole
Luke combs and randy houser need to get together. It would be like Brooks n Dunn never left.
Black Apex Network
Hell ya ..glad to see B&D coming back
KevinKnox Playlist
Dude...Luke took down the live version from the ACMs . That's fckn gay
Jake Wright
Yeeeeehaw Houston
Someyoung Guyy
Too much production....just let the man sing
David Kirkland
Way to go think i just listen to it about 3 time's in a row one more won't hurt
Italian Girl
Dylan Stegall
Brooks and Dunn with Luke Combs is amazing
Brigmann Bailey
Why in the hell does Luke have to read the lyrics??? Everyone should know this by heart!!
Paul Allen
lol@all the auto tune, brooks and dunn has lost it partnering with this pop country faker.
Stitched With Love By Loretta
yes buddy...
Amanda S-C.
Brooks n Dunn are Legendary...
Kristen Hurley
I'm slightly offended that Luke Combs looks like he's reading the lyrics off his phone!!!
Charles Ellis
Last time I saw B&D in concert was the Electric Rodeo tour in Biloxi MS. I think that was 1994! Time flies but they are still one of my favorites.
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Brooks & Dunn - Red Dirt Road Brooks & Dunn, Luke Combs 1 day ago   04:01

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I was raised off of oldRoute 3
Out past where the blacktop ends
We'd walked to church on Sunday morning
Race barefoot back to the Johnson's fence
That's where I first saw Mary
On that roadside pickin' blackberries
That summer I turned a corner in my soul
Down that red dirt road

It's where I drank my first beer
It's where I found Jesus
Where I wrecked my first car
I tore it all to pieces
I learned the path to heaven is full of sinners and believers
Learned that happiness on earth ain't just for high achievers
I've learned I've come to know
There's life at both ends
Of that red dirt road