Grandad's Postbag 181103 TDL 555 Touch Circuit board assembly at SMA's 5 months ago   22:00

Grandad's Postbag 181103 - Grandad assembles a TDL-555 Touch Delay LED Light DIY Kit Touch LED light Electronic Kit DC 5V
Sorry about the background noise and my coughing, I have had a bit of a cold for a while now, comes and goes as it pleases.

I am not endorsing these products so I suggest you do your own search as the prices and specifications will vary and the links I used will probably be out of date when you come to read this. I just list the item title and you can cut and paste it into your eBay search. It will probably work on other online stores too.
TDL-555 Touch Delay LED Light DIY Kit Touch LED light Electronic Kit DC 5V
Details from the eBay listing
1 Model TDL - 555
2 Standby current Less than 1mA
3 Standby indicator light With
4 Triggered Touch
5 Soldering difficulty Level Easy
6 Working voltage DC5V
7 Working current Less than 90mA
8 Delay time Adjustable 3 seconds ~ 130 seconds.
9 Assembly instructions TOR format
10 Circuit board size Length 38mm X width 28.5mm.
Note: the power supply voltage is strictly forbidden. If you need to change the power supply voltage, please change R1.
The R1 resistance increases by 1 ohm each time the voltage is increased by 1 V.Maximum voltage 12V.
When wiring, the red line is the positive pole, black line is the negative pole.

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Peter Brown
Enjoyed the video, as usual, Grandad. What use do you have in mind for this circuitry ?
Shoaib Bakhsi
I always get so excited when I get a package in the mail
Blocky. YT
Im first yeah
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Circuit board assembly at SMA's Grandad's Postbag 181103 TDL 555 Touch 5 months ago   08:22

Electronic circuit boards are the "brain" of every inverter. Equipped with thousands of components, some of them extremely small, they perform all of the energy conversion, control and monitoring functions. In this film we want to show you the production process.

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