Nazem Kadri Ejected For Cross-Checking Henrik Lundqvist confronts Sidney 2 days ago   01:28

Nazem Kadri took exception to Jake DeBrusk’s hit on Patrick Marleau and responded with a cross-check resulting in him being ejected from the game.


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Comments 2501 Comments

Benchmade Tactical
Kadri- new Goon enforcer 👏👌
Motivator Warrior
if he was a canadian, he would have said, sorry.
gotta love chara stepping up for his teammate
john delasko
What the heck was Chara doing? Should have ripped his head off.
Josh Eskow
Boston Sucks.
Plymco Pilgrim
The league actually made the right call on this one.
Andrew St Onge
DeBrusk waited to hit him on the curved glass, dirty play change my mind.
Nick bedard
The playsoffs are the only time when everyone thinks they are a professional ref lol
It's Huge
Didn't need to cross check him in the face, even if the refs were brutal....drop the gloves
Woogie Harrelson
I feel like Kadri is very expendable this off season in order to sign Marner. I won’t miss him that much. He makes dumb decisions like this in the biggest games.
CROSS CHECK TO THE HEAD, GUYS. Stop blaming the refs for a clear eject-able offense by an immature punk. Hit on Marleau was clean. What happened up to that point in the game did not cause Kadri to become stupid - he's always been that way.
Nick Vrock
Tell me how Debrusk has illegally checked, concussed, and fought dozens of people and nothing happens. Kadri gives him a taste of his own medicine and is suspended. I'm sick and tired of the blind, single sided refs that have ben overseeing the playoff games this season. Absolutely pathetic
Kadri mvp, what a hit, go leafs go
Patrick Chorney
Curious that nearly every comment I can see is leafs fans condoning/justifying the hit lol Kadri should kill himself.
Zachary Peabody
Shame on anyone who defends this trash bag of a human being
Dirt Burglar
I didn't realize DeBrusk was such a weasel. Taking lessons from Marchand.
Mike Golden
Only thing Kadri did wrong was let the DeBrusk keep his teeth.
Marc Roy
the refs have been interesting as of lately, almost like half of the rule book isn't in use
Love the audiences reaction
Cory Harvey
I can't wait for the day someone takes Chara's knees out.
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Henrik Lundqvist confronts Sidney Nazem Kadri Ejected For Cross-Checking 2 days ago   01:16

Sidney Crosby dives and Henrik Lundqvist gets in his face. Crosby crosschecks Lundqvist which triggers a scrum behind the net.

Pittsburgh Penguins @ New York Rangers
March 4th 2010