Nazem Kadri Ejected For Cross-Checking Wrongfully Ejected 2 days ago   01:28

Nazem Kadri took exception to Jake DeBrusk’s hit on Patrick Marleau and responded with a cross-check resulting in him being ejected from the game.


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Jacob Boyd
Chara should have got a penalty too!!!
Yan D
Typical Leafs trash
What else did they think is gonna happen when you allow hits like this these refs are complete morons yeah suspend someone for your bad play all these series have been a joke by the refs
Luke 1864
People not even talking bout how Kadri instigated it...
These refs must of been doing drugs latley
Toronto Fan
Lmfao i like how he acts like hes dead on the ice then gets up and starts arguing with kadri lmfao be a man not a flop lmao
t tg
i wish he atleast broke his jaw
Aa I
Dubas' has put a Leaf team together that is focused almost entirely on skill and is more like what you'd assemble in the OHL. They don't have enough grit and perhaps Kadri needs some help on the ice dealing with teams, like Boston, who take advantage of that.
Never have I seen someone turtle up like Kadri did when Chara came for him
Tj Mckenzie
Leafs play Boston in opening round
Kadri gets suspended
Bruins win at home in 7
The leafs have SUCH scumbag players like Kadri, muzzing and Hyman. But if you fill your roster with classes guys like that you WON'T win...Bruins win AGAIN:) Suck it Toronto, you ARE the beta city to Boston haha
Andre Santo
Andre Santo
NHL: Game 2- Let them play.
NHL: Game 3- Call penalties. Anything. Keep the tempo slow.
Good hit by Debrusk. Think that pissed Kadri off, that it was a good hit.
Clandestine Tactical
Kadri- new Goon enforcer 👏👌
Motivator Warrior
if he was a canadian, he would have said, sorry.
gotta love chara stepping up for his teammate
john delasko
What the heck was Chara doing? Should have ripped his head off.
Josh Eskow
Boston Sucks.
Plymco Pilgrim
The league actually made the right call on this one.
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Wrongfully Ejected Nazem Kadri Ejected For Cross-Checking 2 days ago   06:37

These are players who were ejected by umpires for minor or no reason.

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