Nassim Taleb - Black Swan: David Cameron in conversation with 1 day ago   07:22

Nov. 29th

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nikola zekic
guess what , Switzerland detached itself from gold and now is buying google and apple with quantitative easing money
Thomas H.
What does Taleb say on 5:16 ? "sudo" moderation?
Alan Northcott
Yes, my experience was that the Swiss are uptight busybodies (and I like them too). For instance, I drove over there in a Champ jeep, which I parked on the street outside my apartment block. I learned that a resident complained to the police that it should be towed away "because it was ugly"!

Incidentally, the Swiss hated the Italian immigrants because they conspicuously enjoyed themselves. The Swiss find this hard to do, contenting themselves with once a year Fassnacht to let their hair down.
jnd94030, can you verify a claim that Taleb makes in Antifragile? He claims that the de-centralized nature of Switzerland reduces tension on a national scale but that, "There is plenty of volatility, with enmities between residents that stay at the level of fights over water fountains or other such uninspiring debates. This is not necessarily pleasant, since neighbors are transformed into busybodys..." [p. 87 US edition]. Is this true? Are Swiss busybodies?
"A very important rule is to make sure that bailouts help individuals and not large companies and we have the exact opposite. An we will have social unrest if it continues" ~Nassim Taleb
Jason Palmer
If you follow his analysis, we are looking at a complete collapse of liberal democracies in the usa and western europe because they took on the bank debt.

french revolution 2
Nassim is exactly right! Great comments!

And he is right about Switzerland too, "best country in the world". Well, I'm Swiss I might be biased on that one.
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David Cameron in conversation with Nassim Taleb - Black Swan: 1 day ago   29:15

David Cameron MP and best-selling author Nassim Taleb discuss what measures need to be taken, in the wake of the economic crisis, in order to create a more Black Swan-robust society.