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What Future for Fisheries in the Adriatic-Ionian Basin?
Termoli (Italy) 29-30 October 2014
1st Capitalisation Seminar COM&CAP MarInA-med

An informal platform bringing together the key stakeholders in charge of shaping, financing, and implementing fisheries and aquaculture policies across the Adriatic-Ionian basin. This informal platform represents the first step of a technical and political follow-up of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). It also lead to a win-win approach built on a concrete dialogue addressing the European Commission (DG MARE and DG ENVIRONMENT), the European Parliament (PECH Committee), Regional and national governments, representatives of the fisheries sector, NGOs, scientists, as well as members of territorial cooperation projects dealing with fishing, aquaculture and environmental issues.

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Sipa (Cuttlefish, Sepiida) MarInA-Med News - What Future 1 day ago   03:26

Vode moreš vi dvi sipe ča san trevi.

Cuttlefish in Croatian Adriatic sea.

Lito 2012.