Call Of Duty WWII : Everybody Welcome to PUBG 1 day ago   01:52

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OMG COD WWII looks so gritty and real. I'm sure it won't have any of the stuff in our video in. Especially not as a DLC. No sir.

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Sean Gasmen
Star wars = Hitler's moon base
Ник Ник
And where's Hirohito's kamikadze catgirls?
Odelon Esguerra
This song killed Jesus
Knoftik TV
Knoftik TV
Anonymous 1010
They kept what was actually important historically accurate. Of course what I’m talking about is the campaign, which is all you really need to keep historically accurate.
Азамат Болатханов
Thanks, and now I think about I never play this game.
Call of duty was before battlefield so eat shit!!!!!
bf1 is better
Craig Boone
0:57 wait, USSR and hell isn't the same place?
Bartek PL
Mishkas Alex
Margaret Mccoy
Funny thing is when they reference UFOs there was a war map where you had to destroy some UFOs that were owned by Nazis
Bartek PL
[한글 자막]
Bartek PL
*Fajna piosenka.*
Hasan Shaikh
Excusi, Did you not see Battlefield V?
Joseph stalin
Hold my voodka
Peck Peck
I think this Cod Song is based off Treyarch Making future cod games all the time and so in this song Treyarch Combined WW2 and Cod Future Games into this lmao
Henrik Forsse
This video is very well made. And it has a good tune/melody
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Welcome to PUBG Call Of Duty WWII : Everybody 1 day ago   05:44

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