Psychofreud ft. Demolition Man- High Potent Whisper 'The Boom 3 months ago   05:21


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Don Goliath
B.I.G. !!!
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Potent Whisper 'The Boom Psychofreud ft. Demolition Man- High 3 months ago   03:15


Official anthem of the Boom Bap Festival

Recorded at Jamm Studios
Engineered by Wizard -
Mastered by Haji's Yard -

Dir/ DOP - Denisha Anderson - @denden_89
Editor - Menelik Simpson - @Maws03
2nd Camera - Ricardo McLeary-Campbell

Official cover artwork by Owen Creative Studios

Special thanks to:
Steas, Raw Material, Jen and Ally at Radio 1, Fluorescence, Jonathan Garcia, DJ Snuff, THTC, Max and all our skankers!

Potent Whisper - - @PotentOfficial

Wu-Lu - @WuluMusic

Congo Natty aka Rebel MC - @CongoNattyRebel

Nanci Correia - @Nanci Correia @NanciAndPhoebe


Its the Boom Bap anthem
So draw for the amps and the campers
We're in the gaff bringing it back for the fandem
Whether it's sticks or bricks just rip it to the anthem
Sisters and the mandem, Britain to the yank heads

There's lots of see, I'm done with the fued let's box the beat.
Come with the crew, bun up a zoot, we got the move on lock and key.
So hop on... skank, mosh and rock on.
I don't wanna ramp dude, if that's you then thank you but bop on
in Peterborough, where the people meet and greet each other.
We love it loud, the sun is out, best believe it's summer!
From the alleys, we're roaming the roads and valleys,
so bounce with Potent Whisper, Nanci and Congo Natty!
Cu we're on the mic and we're whillin out.
It's a sub and a vibe thing, love is alive and thriving now
in form of boom bap - so all aboard the new map.
The truth is we brought the proof when they thought that we couldn't do that!
It's true that the UK's been due praise but we're over it.
We dont want the road to split, cu we're on a global tip.
Yeah we're on a one vibe - we hype up but love life
so liven up good and put a lighter up one time!

We're one community, we come for sub and unity
It's you and me, move to the beat (the lovers jubilee)
You are the root and we are the seed...

Coming from the land of the queen, dem a gwan too mean,
Man a pose in enough magazine.
Hip Hop is real, no american dream
Haile Selassie I stolen green.
Hip Hop is real. Hip Hop is real.
Time travelling, we're renewing that sound.
Yeah the vibe's back again with The Boom Bap Bounce

Defenders of the art, me see the demon bark
Move your bumba klaat
Take my holy bath in the water of life
Don't give me the stress or the strife
Hip Hop music saved my life (Saved my soul)
Hip Hop is real. Hip Hop is real.
Time travelling we're renewing that sound
Yeah the vibe's back again with The Boom Bap Bounce!

Hip Hop, Reggae, Jungle.
You can't refuse it.

We rockin dem til the morning, sun rise up
Hip Hop massive you know dem don't stop!

(c) 2012
All rights reserved