So... are we keeping the kitten? LOST HIS LEG?! (Super Cooper 2 days ago   04:06

Dog vs Kitten: Laser Pointer Games -



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kartik garg
ur channel pic is so cute
Tina Thomure
Yay Bella!!!! She’s too young for the nip. You have to wait until she’s older.
wendy b
coughed out my coffee there... nothing will change, it'll be about the boys. Sorry pal you underestimate the power of cats, bless
Viper Strike
Meet Bella monday
Viper Strike
I love bella
Zavier Tahu 2
Looks Like My Sister's Cat
mayar wathek
Yay yay ya i,m so happy for bella
mayar wathek
Yay yay ya i,m so happy for bella
Kimberly Karasneh
The reason why I hit the subcribe button is because of Bella. I don't mind dogs but I am more of a cat person.
Alivia_love puppies
Episode 117 Trever said he wanted a cat
X X HorseshoeX X
Kristi Loertscher
How about wonderful bella wednesday
CaptainXgamer165/ Vlogs
Everyone’s excited about Bella

Kodas scared of Bella

Cooper wants the balloons
Skylar Trainor
I was like “wait wait wait wait I-i thought you were keeping her 😢” 😂
tiffany deutsch
Make Bella a channel
the_Real_ Jay
I gotta admit it, they had us in the first half
Zyierre Smith
i wish someone would make a voiceover of cooper and koda
Gacha Gurl_playz
Sees title*

Heck ya!!!

Watches first part of video*

Oh nooooo

Ending of video*


Like if this is ur reaction
Suzette Altman
I have the same looking cat nothing DIFFERENT she was found in my moms engine
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LOST HIS LEG?! (Super Cooper So... are we keeping the kitten? 2 days ago   13:59

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