Wharton State Forest: You've A microscopic look at why the world is running 2 weeks ago   01:47

Wharton State Forest is the largest state park in New Jersey spanning more than 122,000 acres in the Pine Barrens. It offers tremendous hiking, biking, kayaking and fishing opportunities as well as the historic Batsto Village. (Video by Andre Malok | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com)

Note: Flying drones in New Jersey state parks is illegal. NJ.com acquired special permissions from the state DEP.

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A microscopic look at why the world is running Wharton State Forest: You've 2 weeks ago   07:28

Humans are using more sand than the Earth is naturally producing, and that’s a problem for the global construction industry. But it turns out that the usefulness of sand depends on the science of each tiny little grain. We went on a sand scavenger hunt to collect some samples, look at them under a microscope, and try to figure out why sand scarcity is such a problem.

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