Rob Parker ranks NFL Playoff teams, NBA teams should tank for Zion 5 months ago   10:24

The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Rob Parker joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the NFL on today's show. Hear Rob rank the 8 teams left in the NFL Playoff race, creates a list for what Tom Brady has left to accomplish and evaluates the Philadelphia Eagles' unique situation with Nick Foles and Carson Wentz.

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Rob Parker ranks NFL Playoff teams, talks Tom Brady being 'lucky' & Foles vs Wentz | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Rams vs. Cowboys - Who will win?
Echo Chambers
Want to win money??Pick against Parker.Chargers and Colts top teams???Dude just hates the Pats so much it’s funny.
nomar manuel-munoz
I love when people in the media talk about "the media".... ur the media colin. And the worst of it cause your usually wrong
They forget that the “manningham catch” game welker drops a first down pass that hit him in that hands. It would have set the patriots up with a first down and they could have ran the clock out.
Wax Man
Rob Parker the BRADY HATER
pappa 52
Bruh this guy was wrong on 90% 😆
Ernest Kovach
Rob always wrong clown Parker again sticks foot in his big mouth...what a ditz his best team the chargers got BEAT in a your by the team and QB he jealously ranked the Worst. TOM BRADY, and the pats massacred the chargers. Parker the total village idiot.
Ma du
Rob Parker - thanks for sharing your abundance of wisdom and ranking Pats at the last. Appreciate it.
Kip Beardsley
Patriots under Bill Belichick are the best cheaters of all time. Brady's wins should come with an asterisk next to them so every one can review the foundation of cheating that these wins have be built upon. Caught time and time again doing things like secretly video taping opponents. Filming the walk thru not only during the Rams Super Bowl but Mcdaniels was caught doing the same thing when he was coaching in Denver. Secretly taping their opponents from 2001 -2007. All those defensive signals, formations and play calls... All mostly benefiting the QB. They even hired lip readers which is why every coach or coordinator to this day, has to cover his mouth when calling plays. Its a disgrace to all who enjoy football. Its a disgrace that Brady and Bellichick are even discussed next to some of the actual greatest of all time.
Rob Parker approaches the line of credibility and without fail, transitions straight into Spong Bob Square Pants. He's so obvious that you can almost see how the wheels turned in his head to get him to the takes he's trying push. It starts off with him taking what he hears from credible people on a particular subject and molding that into the framework and unfortunately that's where it ends too because the problem is, he obviously stops listening before he grasps the point, and the point is just a few inches past his brain compacity and it's just a hair more information than his hate and biases will allow him to prosses into credible commentary so that without fail, he embarrasses himself with illegible sounds and noises that almost resemble words.

Literally, every time I listen to him, it starts out with him sounding like a great guy, competent, logical, with an insiders take and then he's flailing and giggling like a 5-year old that drank too much soda. He unabashedly wears on his sleeve how unoriginal, thoughtless and out of touch he really is every single time he gets in the spotlight.

I'm pretty sure that's a medical condition. Like some kind of advanced ADHD or some kind of self-destructive condition like that. It reminds me of watching that show, "Kid's Say The Darndest Things". I think all these shows that have him on are taking advantage of the poor guy because there's no way these people take him seriously!!?? I mean the guy has had a couple real bad highly viewed, embarrasing fails in the past and from what anybody can see, he's done nothing to change his tactics. The things he says in these TV sports spots are so far from reality, and as he hinself likes to always put it, "Let's be honest here, really now, come on, " you know they have to notice it.
Tyler T
Exactly all them dumb libtards make this country full of soft and sensitive people
IngloriousMike117 !
Rob Parker wrong again, wrong again. This is the guy who said "Tom would never make another SB" in 2012
Grand Souvenirs
LMAO ,hahahaha
I am surprised you still have this JOKER talking on your show, he is counting them out since 2011, where is he today ?? I want to see the look on his face today , LOL LOL LOL
Kevin Derosier
Chargers...too funny! Parker is a clown!
Erik Merrill
It’s hard to be this wrong, this many times. Your supposed best team left in the playoffs LAC, just got blown out by the guy who needs an AARP card. The Chargers are definitely better than the Patriots! Also, your second best team also got blown out by the team with “no defense”, even though that supposed nonexistent defense has been playing much better recently and gave up 6 points to the “second best team in the playoffs.”

You don’t know what you are talking about in Super Bowl 46 either. Every bounce went the Giants way that game and if Wes Welker hadn’t dropped a wide open pass in the red-zone with 4 minutes left, the Patriots would have put the game out of reach before the Mario Manningham bs.
Rob Parker Stand Up Special
Ash Macready
I like how brady haters act like they are the minority with they're "Patriots are done" but that's all of the media right now. You guys are closer to sheep then trailblazers keep it up the its fueling the Patriots so thank you.
Really....its ok if you're not being racist...yet you went on national television and called someone a cornball brother. Walking hypocrite and waste of sentience
A super bowl win is a super bowl win there is absolutely no luck involved... it’s the big game and if u lose u lose no excuse for it
Jochen Stern
🤣😂🤣 Rob Parker🤣😂🤣 Best Comedian ever🤣😂🤣
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NBA teams should tank for Zion Rob Parker ranks NFL Playoff teams, 5 months ago   07:00

Stephen A. Smith says NBA teams like the Pheonix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks should be tanking for a player like Duke's Zion Williamson.

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