Super Bowl 2019: When AFC vs. NFC Pro Bowl Highlights | 2019 Pro Bowl 2 days ago   02:56

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The 2019 Super Bowl is very nearly upon us. The Independent's Sport Editor Ed Malyon walks through everything you need to know ahead of the clash between The New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Mike Malone
I am so proud to see all the empty seats. At game time I plan to "take a knee" and turn off my tv in boycott of the racist attitude of NFL and it's players! I don't believe any halftime show could be as racist and horrible as Beyonce's several years ago when she sang her song calling for violence against law enforcement officers. That is when I stopped watching and supporting anything NFL. if Maroon 5 takes a knee during their performance, I will destroy all of their CDs and take them off my playlist FOREVER!
Jay Davies
Why did you say ''cutting age'' instead of ''cutting edge'' ? Liking the 33KK Horus tribute -not!
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AFC vs. NFC Pro Bowl Highlights | 2019 Pro Bowl Super Bowl 2019: When 2 days ago   11:17

The AFC take on the NFC during 2019 Pro Bowl in Orlando.

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