Watch this Before You Go on a Royal 10 things I wish I knew about 5 months ago   12:09

Sal Pitera
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Marlene Hunt
One thing we needed on a cruise was an eye glass repair kit and did not have one. We pack one all the time now.
Robert Phillips
You can bring a 12 pack of soda on Royal Caribbean now.
Sock Hawk
The second you stopped the presentation and asked me to "Like:" or "Subscribe" I left your channel...gave you a thumbs down...I despise commercials and interruptions and you're just feeding it!
Hami Ngatai
Lets be honest its not a water slide without water, its just a slide
Talking about Royal Caribbean but has my favourite cruise line in his pictures Carnival. Going to try Royal Caribbean in Feb hope it is good.
Valerie Crosby
OUr flight was cancelled and we had to drive down, so good advice!
Christopher Jenkins
susan ware
I am an experienced cruiser, but have not been on RC before. You answered a few of my questions I had about RC thank you.
D Price
Not true about the hangers. I’ve cruised 7 times and never had a problem. If you need more hangers, ask your cabin steward for more.
Ceola Page
Royal Caribbean allows you to bring 12 pack bottled water & 12 bottles of soda. My hubby I just returned from Conzumel MX Via Brilliance of the seas in April, we ported from Tampa. We also took 2 bottles of white & red wine too one of each. We had no issues.
Joyce Hewitt
Johnathan Sawicki
For the most part, the first 7 "tips" could be applicable to any cruise line...not exactly unique to Royal. Would've preferred more tips specific to this cruise line, as the title implied.
Carmen Datil
In 2013 I went on a cruise on the Royal Caribbean and I had the best time of my life. It was the best vacation I ever had. I want to go again soon - as soon as I have enough money to go on the cruise 🚢 I'm going. Hopefully in the summer 2021. 🚢☀️🤽🏻‍♀️🏊🏽‍♀️🏖🏝⛱🛳✈️
Marie Antoinette
We just came back from a RC 7 day Carribean cruise and weren't that impressed. The ship, the Rhapsody was old and dated. Also, the Cafe wasn't free. It was about $6 a cup.The coffee that was free was absolutely horrendous! Also, we found the RC shore excursions to be the worst! Much better all around experience on Carnival.
good video thanks
Matt S
The 1st second of this video is highly uncomfortable
Izeallia Eldridge
Royal Caribbean allows passengers to bring 12 pack soda on board as of Sep 1, 2018. I checked today.
Also, don’t forget to bring an empty luggage or a big duffel bag. You’re going to need one if you buy merchandise. Alcohol, jewelry, watch, souvenirs, and/or clothes. They’ll have the Big sales near the end of the Cruise. After you spent most of your money. So wait till near the last day to buy merchandise and alcohol on the ship. Alcohol is especially cheap.

Tip #2, always know where the bathrooms are. If you’re drinking a lot, you’ll be peeing a lot.

For new Cruisers, if you don’t have a Passport, get a “Cruise Passport”. It’s way cheaper than a regular Passport. Mine cost $35 in SC. Prices might have changed. It looks like a Driver’s license. Or if you do a Passport and don’t feel like carrying that, just get a Cruise Passport then.
Trixsta Gaming
On some ships there is a Starbucks I know they are on oasis class ships
Kristen Johansen
Where's the parrot?
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10 things I wish I knew about Watch this Before You Go on a Royal 5 months ago   12:24

10 things I wish I knew about Royal Caribbean. Not all cruise lines are the same. Some will allow items while other will say no. Let's go over the 10 things I wish I know before taking a Royal Caribbean cruise.

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