Watch this Before You Go on a Royal 10 things I wish I knew about 2 months ago   12:09

Sal Pitera
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Jason Norris
Just wanted to advise you that Royal has changed their policy in regards to bringing soda or water on board. You are now allowed to bring 1 12 pack of soda or water per state room.
Jess Edholm
I always bring cans of soda and bottled water on royal Caribbean.
Jill Weinstein
Great tips! Thank you :-)
Larry Aqui
They held my luggage because the non-surge power strip was detected through their x-ray machine and it was then confiscated. It was returned at the end of cruise, so don't bother it will just put a damper at the beginning of your cruise.
Alla Chepikova
*_Thank you dear! Very helpful info! Like_* 👍🏻
Razors Vines
Thank you for doing this video. I learned a lot from it and made a lot of notes for my first cruise with this company on the 30th.
Johnny D
Sal, on Tip number 7, you misspelled the word "beverage" in the title.
Justin Vaughn
Royal Caribbean said you can bring 12 , 17 oz. or less bottles of water per state room. This was 3/1/19 when I called and spoke with them. Best thing to do is call RC to see what is ok.
Rashad Ujaimi
What is the most economic way to get on shore excursions specially for families, visiting Florence, Rome, Napoli , Palma de Mallorca, marseille ?
I don't like cruises, too many 'SCHEDULES' to abide by! I like to relax on my vacay, not look at my watch every ten minutes...
Mr. Saggypants
More of an advertisement and ways to be an obedient cruiser than a video about secrets
Daniel Wittum
Ultimate abyss is not a water slide. Might want to edit video.
Rob Mateo
Don't bring a power strip. Mine got confiscated. It was the cheapest they make. non-surge protecting. Just don't need it anyway.
I just spoke with RC You can bring up to 12 bottles of water on board.
Paul Triulzi
Magnetic hooks might work on metal doors but what's the point...are you going to hang art for your seven day cruise? Soda and water bottles - please correct your video if needed, power strip (per comments pcyv), do you really want your bags checked through to your final destination: if some go missing, who is responsible?
Thierry Fikiri
you forgot to mention that there is no free wifi in the cruise and getting the internet is expensive, i was in Anthem of the sea CRUISE last week and it was 27$/day for the internet.
Karen Rennie
How do you reserve the aqua theater? I did not see the option under cruise planner.
April Broadnax
They have changed the policy of bringing water and soda on board . You are allowed to being 12 17oz bottles of soda, water or juice per stateroom
Jordan Hartpence
Really cool video defentily a lot of different things I didn't know about that is helpfull that i will defentily use when i go on a cruise
Katie Demicheli
The video says you can not bring water or soda aboard. I cruise Royal Caribbean all the time I we are allowed a 12 pack of soda & 12 pack of water.
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10 things I wish I knew about Watch this Before You Go on a Royal 2 months ago   12:24

10 things I wish I knew about Royal Caribbean. Not all cruise lines are the same. Some will allow items while other will say no. Let's go over the 10 things I wish I know before taking a Royal Caribbean cruise.

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