SpaceX Crew Dragon, how will Why Does SpaceX's New Dragon 2 Have 2 days ago   09:39

Curious Elephant
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Curious Elephant
Just got some time to check the comments. Some of you guys are giving me a hard time, so let me clarify.

1. I make arguments about technology, sometimes my views are not conventional, but always I back it up with evidence. (almost always) One of you guys say SpaceX does not bring things down from Orbital velocity, this is wrong, Dragon capsule is brought down from orbital velocity, and some of them have been reused, that is how advanced SpaceX currently is. And I disagree with statements like "3d printing isn't that much of an improvement".
2. I agree with some of you guys saying its unfair to compare the shuttle with crew dragon, but I do think its fair to compare the shuttle with Falcon 9.
3. I will put more time in typos, this has appeared a few times, apologies. In my defense, I am doing all of this by myself and it is hard.

Finally, it is hard to make arguments on YouTube, If I wanted no bad comments, I would have just copied the information from Reddit and Wikipedia to this video and everything will be factual, but that is not what this channel is about, this channel is about analysis and perspectives.

But I do apologize if I have not made my point clear in the video such as "orbital velocity" thing, I meant spacex has experience slowing things down from orbital velocity, aka Crew dragon. SpaceX also has more experience down from a slower velocity of 8000km/hr
Dmytro Picky
again WRONG. Soyuz has automatic abort all the way
Daily News
Radiation is the big issue for human space flight and other colonies.
Slender TGE
Your accent confuses me. Are you British or Asian. Or both?
At the 3-D printing bit, i couldn't stop thinking about Subnautica
6:45 SpaceX does not slow a rocket down from orbital velocity, at least not presently. SpaceX's boosters return to earth well before reaching orbital velocity. The upper-stage, which does achieve orbital velocity, is not recovered as of yet. Through there are plans to do exactly that. Also, obviously, Falcon boosters do not do a re-ente, at least not what is usually meant with that (re-entry from orbit). Suborbital speeds are usually not nearly as intense. In the case of Falcon 9 booster around 6-7.000 km/h as opposed to orbital velocity of around 28.000 km/h or more. The only object to my knowledge that SpaceX regularly brings back from orbital velocity is their Dragon capsule.
Da Puper
It's sad that you'll die when we get to Mars:(
saman yapa
Respect to Russia
Shuttle flew 135 times and had two failures. Approximately 140 capsule launches between US and Russia from 1960 to 2018 with 2 air/space failures (Russian) and 1 on ground testing failure (US - Apollo). Your assessment of safety of capsule vs shuttle is incorrect.

Further, the Falcon 9 can launch either people OR cargo......not both simultaneously. The shuttle could do both at the same time.

As of august 2018, SpaceX has landed 27 first stages.....only 6 have been reused and only reused 1 time each. Each shuttle had multiple reuses over the 135 missions.

The falcon 9 capsule is intended for short term travel to and from the ISS. The shuttle was self contained for solo flight missions of up to 17 days or so with no need to dock with the ISS.

The only thing you got right was that the Dragon capsule will replace the shuttle as far as getting man to the ISS.
Warzed Arcanist
Bill Nye's nephew, Falco Nye everybody.

How hard is it to say NINE ? You should try to pronounce it correctly my man.
Indo Surfer
Skillshare? Yeah, do that after you finish elementary.
Gary Lundberg
There is no need to take over the space shuttle. The space shuttle hasn't flown in over 8 years! We got along fine without it so far...
There wasn't a flaw in the challenger shuttle itself, it was the mission control who set to launch in cold weather which resulted in the crash. Just sayin XDD
Ricardo Gurgel
Skillshare are awesome
Dennis S
It's time to remove 90% of YouTube contributors and let the experts again get back reporting the news and teaching the facts.
The stupidity, disinformation from those not even authorized to teach is making idiots of everyone.
the crew dragon is not really an "answere to the space shuttle" it's more of a replacement. great video though
That thing will be dangerous. 8 little retro rockets at the bottom leave lots of room for points of failure. The last mile or half mile of descent leave little room for a parachute to deploy.
The les was jettisoned on soyuz right before they had to abort...
The “manned” part of dragon has to land back on earth... obviously. Wtf?
hyp3ract1v• •XB1X
Science Fiction .
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Why Does SpaceX's New Dragon 2 Have SpaceX Crew Dragon, how will 2 days ago   12:43

We're seeing more and more pictures of SpaceX's new Dragon 2 Crew Capsule that will be flying in 2019! One question that comes up often is why does it have fins? Well we're going to explain EXACTLY why it has those fins in today's video!


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