SpaceX Crew Dragon, how will Why Does SpaceX's New Dragon 2 Have 5 months ago   09:39

Curious Elephant
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Curious Elephant
Just got some time to check the comments. Some of you guys are giving me a hard time, so let me clarify.

1. I make arguments about technology, sometimes my views are not conventional, but always I back it up with evidence. (almost always) One of you guys say SpaceX does not bring things down from Orbital velocity, this is wrong, Dragon capsule is brought down from orbital velocity, and some of them have been reused, that is how advanced SpaceX currently is. And I disagree with statements like "3d printing isn't that much of an improvement".
2. I agree with some of you guys saying its unfair to compare the shuttle with crew dragon, but I do think its fair to compare the shuttle with Falcon 9.
3. I will put more time in typos, this has appeared a few times, apologies. In my defense, I am doing all of this by myself and it is hard.

Finally, it is hard to make arguments on YouTube, If I wanted no bad comments, I would have just copied the information from Reddit and Wikipedia to this video and everything will be factual, but that is not what this channel is about, this channel is about analysis and perspectives.

But I do apologize if I have not made my point clear in the video such as "orbital velocity" thing, I meant spacex has experience slowing things down from orbital velocity, aka Crew dragon. SpaceX also has more experience down from a slower velocity of 8000km/hr
"This makes Crew dragon the safest..." Wait a minute, this thing just had its rescue system blow up its capsule. It is not the safest because it has not been even in use, yet, because it fatally failed.Once it has a 30 year track record of not killing anyone it can claim this.
Nick B
The Crew Dragon just blew up during the abort test portion....
all planned Test phases complete!!! Crew Dragon is NOT safe ... back to the drawing board. Big setback for SpaceX, so close and not so far .. at least a 1 year delay. Now Boeing will certainly be first in delivering Men to the ISS.
Oh this video has aged badly! Already lost one Crew Dragon luckily no one on board.
Randy Jackson
i work in the same area as spacex been seeing this build this for a while always wondered what it was now i know
33rd Latitude
It's like a smart car for space, no room for luggage.
Guero Rodriguez
First crew dragon will blow up during tests after first flight
Err crew dragon just blew up
Elias Puolakka
I'll always prefer the shuttle but crew dragon looks great.
Guerreiro Naval
PICA in portuguese means penis..... kkkkkk
Bear Jew
Dragon does not have deployement ability for large payloads over the shuttle which is a glorified space truck, Hubble was able to be grabbed brought in and repaired then rereleased into normal orbit. Dragon is too small
Alex Thomas
Dummy launch in dragon's head on 3-3-3 (2019=12=3) representing the 1/3 of the angels that fell from heaven for following the red dragon. I'm #TeamMichael 💪 , you serpents lose in the end!!
Scott Johnson
a tricycle could replace that pos shuttle.
I've never wanted something to be successful so much in my life, that didn't involve myself or people I loved. IF SpaceX is successful, spaceflight will OFFICIALLY be commercialized. That means you or I could sell EVERYTHING we own, and make it to the ISS or an inevitable space hotel...
Christopher Knox
No. I am sorry. The Dragon is a recovering and catching back up with advancements we have fallen behind with. The space shuttle and Dragon can achieve the different missions. The Dragon can not do what the space shuttle could. So far the Dragon is an transport not the rest of the space shuttle could achieve. Quit bashing the space shuttle in the name of making the dragon seem more than it is. Considering the shuttle was built how long ago. It was built now it would be far better in achieving the missions it was used for beyond taking Astronauts and Cargo to the ISS. Retrieving and repairing satellites was a major plus. Dragon is an dvance throwback to the space capsules we started with. So I hope we progress again.
LecTriXx Official
It went well, and I love it
Rob Colclough
So, the shuttle was unsafe and costly, so we've gone down-tech to do the job. Not very inspiring.
your english is bad don't listen to what your friends are telling you. your english is barely intelligible. if you stick to one or two syllable words I cahn understand but when you tried more you are a joke.
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Why Does SpaceX's New Dragon 2 Have SpaceX Crew Dragon, how will 5 months ago   12:43

We're seeing more and more pictures of SpaceX's new Dragon 2 Crew Capsule that will be flying in 2019! One question that comes up often is why does it have fins? Well we're going to explain EXACTLY why it has those fins in today's video!


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