Selected Sessions Gorgon City Fritz & Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky and Sand 1 day ago   1:35:03

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It has been a long journey, but we’re finally here. It is an absolute honour for us to present our first ever Selected Session with Gorgon City, as part of this brand new event series bringing together music, culture and creative output in unique locations across the world. After all the amazing support you have shown us over the years we want to keep giving back to you guys with the best possible content and that is how Selected Sessions was born. We hope you enjoy it and can’t wait to see where this next chapter leads us.

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tech house is gay
jerko bonacic
26:50 Track Id?
christopher charles
Track names please for 33.30 and 1 hr 16 mins... awesome set..
Heist Zoom
22:06 is pure Fireeeee 🔥🔥
1:23:00 - 1:28:00 I fucking wish I was there
El Señor Momo
Brussels !!!!
Christopher Steckel #magyoutube #magtictactoe
Love. When will you be back in Germany?
I so wanna be there.
So boring
Sebaz Cuervo
5:27 What's the name of track?
Krisztian Kovac
Pls song name from 29:00
Jasper Asten
47:25 hat guy having a good time
Peter R
ID 1:13:00 ?
Антоа Антонов
Хорошее дерьмо !!! поставлю в машину
It’s so freakin sad that something this good only had 90k views
cande gudiño
Gary Storey
I swear I was wearing clothes at the start of this video...
Arno Feyens
48:37 someone?
David Rakva
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Fritz & Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky and Sand Selected Sessions Gorgon City 1 day ago   08:53