Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop PS3 Is A Waste 2 months ago   06:06

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Why is the headphone jack, a long-time fixture on smartphones, disappearing?

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Michael Hallak
How is it the s10 still has it and its ip68 rated?
Let's take the battery out next. It takes more space than every other Part of the smartphone!
ahh Android is getting us covered

I’m an IPhone user BTW
you realize smartphones have technologically hit the wall when they have to get rid of old functionality just to stuff in new functionality that no one asked for in order to make it seem like their products are still improving...
i'd take the headphone jack over friggin triple cameras and face recognition any day. honestly who even asked for those? consumers? i don't think so
That's bullshit. How comes Samsung still have the headphone jack AND is water resistant?
Kevin Benecke
They want to do this sop they can charge you $1,000 for a headphone that will fit they're jacks. They hate the fact that so many people ca go to a place like Five Below or Dollar Tree to get earbuds to listen to music. It's like with newer laptops where they are removing the DVD ROM drive and trying to justify making it smaller. The laptop was originally made so everything could be integrated for better portability. Now you have to start buying external devices to take they're places. Pretty soon you'll have to take a suitcase just for your laptop and other stuff.
387534 7582782
I hope not as a dj i wont be able to plug my headphones in.
Douglas Gerard
Apple got rid of the headphone jacks to force it's users to use apple pay instead of square.
No head phone jack. No sale. Period. I will stop buying new phones at the point where the head phones stop. If that means I stick to an old model i buy over and over then so be it.
I will NEVER own a phone that doesnt have a headphone jack. I'l keep my S10 till the end of time if i have to.
constantine 2014
Btw tech companies we won't battery life over thiness, as long as it's not stupidly thick
2010 market trend: smartphones wont have keyboards
2018 market trend : smartphones wont have jack
2026 market trend : smartphones wont have speakers
Alan Mott-Smith
F_ck your stupid ads trying to sell us sh_t !
Alan Mott-Smith
I'd like people to stop apologizing for Apple, you still don't get it. They weren't preserving the CPU or the battery! They were slowing down everyone's phone so to force sales of new phones. THAT'S IT. Apple is a predatory company run by horrible people. Those suicide nets are still up at Foxconn at all twelve factories in China. You who justify Apple remind me of the soft language people who call it sexual assault when really it's rape (Donald Trump's 20+ victims). Tim Cook got caught slowing down iPhones and he'll be fine because he got paid $102,000,000.00 in 2017.
Iphone 7 doesnt have anything in bottom left corner so they could put headphone jack there but they didnt want
Dicky Candra Ary
How come peoples buy something that has less, and consider it as an upgrade ? Blame Apple, they become the fck boii of tech industry
Nobody asked for face ID or triple camera set ups. Get rid of them and bring back the headphones jack
Sunbutt Luna
There's absolutely zero justification to removing the headphone jack. If you say because of space, Strange Parts did a video of himself reinstalling the headphone jack to the iPhone 7, showing there is enough space in that phone to install a jack but apple decided not to. Plus, I don't think I've ever heard anyone beg for paper thin phones. If anything, at this point most want a thicker device to allow for a larger battery. If you say for water resistance, there's already other smartphone manufactures who include the jack and are able to make the phones just as water resistant, maybe even more water resistant than Apple devices. If you say because the jack is outdated, like Apple did, then you couldn't be more wrong. Sound, which is what our ears intake, is an analog signal. That's why in every device that has digital audio recordings, they use a DAC [Digital-to-Analog Converter] to convert the digital signal to allow our analog devices to play sound.
Indigo Montari
The one thing that the port is good for is the phones that allow us to use FM radio the headphone wires were also used as the radio antenna.
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Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop PS3 Is A Waste Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT 2 months ago   22:18

Gamestop sells all kinds of refurbished game consoles that are sent out for repair because of some issue making it defective. After it being a certified repair these consoles are sold in store. Today we are taking a look at a refurbished PlayStation 3 to see how well it was refurbished.

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