Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop PS3 Is A Waste 5 months ago   06:06

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Why is the headphone jack, a long-time fixture on smartphones, disappearing?

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Nikhil Shetty
It doesn't take much space if they design correctly
Sebastian #
Well, your lips look like you just eate spaghetti :D
Elijah Thompson
*Apple owning the majority of the wireless headphone market intensifies*
I wonder how diehard Samsung fans feel about the removal of headphone jack from the Note 10
Ax El
Samsung and LG say 'Hi, we can still make space for almost everything else you could want with a jack'
Where are the bunny ears???
F*ck Apple.
HyperRyuu420 and RYHK НУРЕ
Because of NWO??? maybe phones during NWO period have no headphone jacks. NWO just wants money and they also want everyone to become rich... Hmm...
My s7 is so slim already i dont feel like it needs to be thinner i dont want to snap it
Vikram Soni
Watch video of jerryrigeverything on this. Apple charges 4$ (compared to 0.05 cents that HDMI charges) for every dongle/headphones sold with lightning connector. And to get apple certified it costs 550$ for every product.
its just marketing bullshit. a new main revenue stream for wireless headphones
Đức Nguyễn
I just bought a new phone recently and it's just so hard to find a good mid range phone with headphone jack.
New Samsung A series doesn't have headphone jack anymore, so as Mi 8. So I bought poco f1
Non-removable battery ? Make sense.
Notch ? Shitty trend that's annoying. Now my phone doesn't display notification badges. Longer screen for what ? My games still in 16:9 so I have 2 bezel of useless screen. Have never use any app that make use of notch yet. And who the fuck want to watch movies on thier phone with shitty cut out ?
The "ear" so small it's useless.
I wear glass or full face helmet when ride on bike so pls make usable fingerprint sensor pls. I know under display sensor is convenient and all but if shitty sensor that take forever to log in then no thanks (look at you A70)
If you want chase trends, pls make equivalents without those shitty trend pls. I know you can.
I think everyone makes this a much bigger deal than it really is.

“What if I want to use my phone while I’m charging it”

Here’s an idea: you don’t need to be on your phone 24/7.
Im using it
Max Xiang
If your into diy, it's really useful as it's just a simple audio signal, and not some complicated serial thing
Sam DiPiazza
You do realize that some work environments restrict Bluetooth devices and wired headphones are the only option?
headphone jack are going extinct bcz more and more things are bluetooth like headset earphones speakers etc
Sam F
Erik Halvorsen
I will eventually buy a phone without a headphone jack. I won't EVER buy a phone without buttons!
StarTrekerYT0. Subscribe to official craft!
I want ever company to not have head phone jacks to see people’s reaction
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Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop PS3 Is A Waste Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT 5 months ago   22:18

Gamestop sells all kinds of refurbished game consoles that are sent out for repair because of some issue making it defective. After it being a certified repair these consoles are sold in store. Today we are taking a look at a refurbished PlayStation 3 to see how well it was refurbished.

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