Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop PS3 Is A Waste 2 weeks ago   06:06

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Why is the headphone jack, a long-time fixture on smartphones, disappearing?

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"Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT"

Holy shit...you think headphone jacks are a living species? You are the wrong person to be listening to.
Argon Behaamorh
I have a box full of broken earbuds that I'm planning to repair...maybe I'll jump on that tomorrow. *cough*
I'd rather pay $50 for something that will last two years (or until I lose it) than pay $20 that's gonna break in six months.
so you want us to use wireless headphones instead? fine, but then make it so I don't have to charge the damn thing every single night. Make it so the battery lasts a very long time and doesn't need charging for weeks. I already have to charge my laptop, tablet, phone and now headphones? This is why I prefer wired headphones. There is already too many things to charge & with so much going on in our lives and our minds, sometimes we even forget to charge all these things. I am open to wireless headphones, if only they can make it so you don't have to charge it for weeks
Aspirative Music Production
I don't like wireless.Have to charge.Never worked for me.
one amazed potato
Charging my phone while listening to my wir3d headphones on my waterproof s9+ haw never been an issue, getting rid of the headphone port is just just another way for companies to squeeze more money out of our wallets... Unaceptable.png
Love how you're jacking off that headphone jack on the thumbnail.
Ik I'm sorry
Uncle Ron
Linus, just shut the fuck up for once.
Rabar Jamal
As long as there's a smartphone in the market that still has a headphone jack I'm buying that over any other device.
Rodrigo J. Da Silva
the AirPods aren't expensive. they are actually cheaper than other wireless earbuds
not having a headphone jack is a reason not to buy a phone for me so the reasons they gave there really dont make up for it at all to me. i need my headphones and i dont really wanna pay up for a clunky adapter
Pixel Pavel
I did not like my own comment.

EDIT:I actually did not edit this comment.
Pixel Pavel
no u.
1anakin 20
Who uses it?
Keegan Pyatt
it isnt and that would be dumb
ye... Wireless Headphones have to get a lot better before I go ditching my aux connection....
The OnePlus 5T is serving me very well.
Simeon Lazaris
Taking out the sound jack is BIG mistake. I wont buy it for sure.
Tiavor Kuroma
I'm using an external DAC for listening to audio on my phone, but if I had a headset, I wouldn't want to miss theheadphone jack.
Getting id of the jack is such a stupid thing that I hate the most, I have an iPhone 4s and 5s also iPod nano 2g and 3g which have the headphone jack and still alive after 12 y of usage
Nhadala - Gaming and Anime
Thats a nice dildo you're holding there Linus.
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Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop PS3 Is A Waste Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT 2 weeks ago   22:18

Gamestop sells all kinds of refurbished game consoles that are sent out for repair because of some issue making it defective. After it being a certified repair these consoles are sold in store. Today we are taking a look at a refurbished PlayStation 3 to see how well it was refurbished.

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