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Thank you so much for your support! Nord is new to my channel so I spent a little more time than usual talking about it ^_^

Today's video is simple, but hasn't been done on my channel in a while -- a simple assortment with soft speaking. I wanted to bring back the belt for sure, and then I was like -- hey let's just make this color thematic LOL. ASMR Darling does color-themed videos as well if that's something that tickles your fancy, check them out!
(Here's her purple one:

Timestamps!! ^_^
2:50 - Intro
4:39 - Emo Studded Belt
12:05 - Purple Marker & Drawing Sounds
23:10 - Purple Foam Ball

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Pose for the fans
Austin Fredette
Is it just me or does that foam ball look a little weird to u
billy goat
God jesus your eyes beautiful
one of my favorite asmr videos ever!
Dayana Delgadillo
Omg I fell asleep soooooo quickly. Thank you Gibi 💖😭
more of the british accent please , it's super relaxing knowing you're not actually british and no it's not offensive.. you're alright
Valerie Carrazco
Can we put the same number of likes the same number of dislikes
Arianna Cobb
Stressing me out about forgetting my spanish when I am trying to sleep😂😂
hannah f
im emo for gibi
AJVH Blue Blarg
Note to self, never have it on newest comments first.

"Who gets triggered off tapping weirdos."

"This girl is crazy attractive."
Posi0n P3n
Who gets triggered off of tapping.....weirdos
yo this girl is crazy attractive
Mochi Yoongs
bruh what is that on her chest? is that a rash?
Gibi:Let's draw a star
Me: that's good
Gibi:That's awful
Me: oh... Ok
Alexa Blount
The actual same part starts at 4:39
Blue Tornado
Do not pause at 2:56

Scary 😱
や ゆ よ
Snipez AOD
Was anyone thinking of Gibby from Icarly
Wellington de Sá Delgado
Woah!! Never got to the end of this video😴😪
Australia is so underrated.
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ASMR Deep Brain & Scalp ASMR | 3 Sleepy Triggers 🔮 2 days ago   1:12:20

ASMR Deep Brain, Scalp & Ear Massage using Fluffy Windshields (No Talking) 💆


Tonight's video is focused on the fluffy mic windshields, which not only make a very tingly and relaxing sound, but can also be really effective at soothing away a headache :) I used a few different items on the fluff to add more variety to the sounds and to help you drift off to sleep :) I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for watching, as always ~ Magic ✨❤️

📍Timestamps for the different items used on the fluff:

00:01 - 12:54 - Brushing, stroking & scratching the fluff with my fingers

12:55 - 25:09 - 2 scratchy foam craft sponges

25:10 - 30:37 - 2 silicone cleaning pads with nubs

30:38 - 36:37 - Squishing the windshields

36:38 - 46:45 - Delicate crinkly medical gloves. Crinkles & fluffy brushing

46:46 - 56:38 - A soft feather fan

56:39 - 1:01:31 - Unicorn brush handles

1:01:32 - 1:08:37 - Brushing with the unicorn brushes

1:08:38 - End - Delicate finger brushing on some different fluffy windshields

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❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo