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Grandad's Postbag 190214 Copper Tube and 9 tooth pinion Gears

I am not endorsing these products and I get no income from the sellers so I suggest you do your own search and find the product that suits your purposes.

Uxcell 10Pcs 9/11 Teeth 092/112A Plastic Shaft Gear 2mm Hole Diameter 5 x 5.5/5 x 6.5mm Toy Accessories for DIY Car Robot Motor
Properties: Number of Teeth 9 Teeth; Hole Diameter 2mm
Cost me 99p

new 4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm copper pipe/tube/plumbing/microbore/water/gas/diy/diy
copper microbore coils: 4mm x 1 metre coil
Cost me £3.35

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anthony belcher
Doc Ink
if you're determined to fix that toy you may need to replace all the gears with matched pitch sets but finding the exact size may be difficult... dremel has a hobby 3d printer for around $ think of all the propellers you could print
get well soon :-)
Raggy Ragsdale
Feel better soon ... then Party On! Raagy
Daniel thorpe
Get well soon!!!
RC Lover san
I hope you'll find the right gear, soon or later... in the meanwhile, get well soon!
do you still have original damaged gear?
oh gear. :) ive been watching some videos on how to make gears on youtube .:)
Home Dronen
That's so unfortunate, I hope you will be able to achieve your goals and.
le bricoleur du 15
You try making worm gearmotor with clutch mecanism for make sure is dosen't damage the Gears
Peter Brown
Hope you feel better soon, Grandad. Hot lemon, honey & whiskey is good !
Mike Flight
Its a pity you could not move the larger gear closer or vice versa. Other than that you could try and replace the larger gear.
I can tell your still not feeling well and I really hope you start feeling better soon. Remember to keep the chin up. :D
Joey the bmx kid
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Julian's Postbag: #96 - Electronic Switches Grandad's Postbag 190214 Copper 1 day ago   11:56

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