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Speech by Wayne Dyer
►About Wayne Dyer : Wayne Walter Dyer (May 10, 1940 – August 29, 2015) was an American philosopher, self-help author, and a motivational speaker. His first book, Your Erroneous Zones (1976), is one of the best-selling books of all time, with an estimated 35 million copies sold to date
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Vladimir Sterzer channel : https://ai-tube.com/userchannel/HPYAEZfEuQZcvqqhNdfJO3rt

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Gary Roth
I love Dr. Dyer! How long have you been watching?
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Is web scraping a career? How can it make money? ►LIFE COACHING | FIND YOUR 3 months ago   06:25

This video is a reply to an important comment that I received on the channel. The viewer was asking whether web scraping can be regarded as a job or a career. Searching on indeed.com, the viewer found only three jobs when using 'web scraping' as a keyword.
In this video I tell you what you can do with web scraping to make it a full time job instead of just a hobby.