Ludicrous Tesla takes down 1000HP MUSTANG GT DESTROYED OUR HELLCAT 4 months ago   05:02

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Lucky enough for us we found a cool guy in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat at Moorseville Dragway who was down to run our Ludicrous Tesla Model S. The car had some drag radials but still didn’t do the best from a launch. This may be the “Tesla Racing Channel” but we want good, close races to be honest. The owner wanted to run again but the track was shut down before we were able to. Fast forward to Piedmont Drag Strip where we found another Challenger Hellcat, this one stock with little miles. Couldn’t find the owner right away so went to the tower for a callout, I couldn’t do it for free he said so what the hell, do it for whatever amount he wants. No money was thrown on table so I decided to give him the first move to at least try and get a good close race, which it was! As cool as they were also they were I gave the owner and his son, along with another kid who was very intrigued by the car, a quick ride.

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Garrett Haddix
Tesla wins in a quarter mile all torque!! I think it would lose in the mile race though
Soda Sauce
And, he's running OLD Tesla tach-the new batteries and drive units just came out......Can't wait to see what the addition of (near future) super caps will do to 0-60 performance!
Eric Byrd
They're boring looking and resemble a 2012 Lincoln.
Awesome Things
This is only the 1/4 mile. On the highway, the Hellcats walks away.
Jonathon Petersen
You should try doing 1/4 mile races. I'd like to see how that Tesla fairs in the top end of speed. I bet there would be a fair amount of cars thatd be able to pass you.
hannah roach
the cost of living will go through the roof when the electric cars become more widely spread the power company's will take ventage of the option and put up power cost that will effect everyday living which will make even more harder on the cost of bills in our homes
4:27. It's fun as Hell. Kinda doubt Hell is fun.
Not bad for driving your moms car.
Umar Khan
When you watch a drag race but your opponent is such a noob that they can't even get perfect shifts on first couple of gears. Or even get a decent amount of torque.
tesla a car for tools
Matthew Weatherman
Josh S.
Hits the pedal. And I hear nothing. Gey
This just in - Jet powered mini-bike takes down Ludicrous Tesla. Now Sports....

Completely different vehicles. As different as a jet powered mini-bike is to a Tesla. Testlas are for non gear heads.....period.
Edward Halpin
Awesome! Thx 4 sharing! Maybe I have to reconsider my next automobile purchase/plans
American Son
Time for the big three to put AWD in their big v/8 sports cars. Can't over come weight at launch without spinning
Lane Murta
1/8th mile... Lol...
motorized cycles
Daaaamn he left that hellcat in smoke.
Robert Remkes
shit!think ill trade in my hellcat on a Tesla! yeah na
Ivan Cannon
Yeah all manufactures are coming out with electric. And That will be the end of Tesla.
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1000HP MUSTANG GT DESTROYED OUR HELLCAT Ludicrous Tesla takes down 4 months ago   13:12

1000 horsepower to the crank vs bone stock charger hellcat..


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