How the Xbox 360 DVD Security was Defeated | MVG GTA IV - Hidden Anti-Piracy Measures - Feat. 1 day ago   14:42

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In 2005 mere weeks after the launch of the Xbox 360 in North America, hackers found a method to exploit the DVD drive firmware and defeat security by allowing for backup DVD's to load and run. This is a look back and how this was achieved and how Microsoft responded.

Note : I will be covering King Kong/JTAG/RGH in Part 2. Xbox 360 security is a massive topic to cover :)

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P. Takács
Commodore4Eva: *releases a new firmware for the disc drive*
Microsoft: Ah shit, here we go again.
When will you be releasing part 2?
I wonder what the expense "anti-piracy" efforts is in relation to "lost sales". I really can't imagine the former offsetting the latter in any feasible manner.
Andrew Acres
who else had an xkey? :P
Vaelophis Nyx
you could uh
bypass the disc authentication entirely by playing music on the main screen before launching a game

did it on a legit copy of skyrim that developed a crack on that part of the disc and would fail about 40 seconds into gameplay every time
these videos are hella interesting always
Lee Fall
Nope... hotswap was always a thing...
svenm sandity
wait someone actually put linux the xbox 360 thats nuts
can you see me
How about Xbox security currently?
great video, but when will part 2 be uploaded? I hope soon because this is a darn great video!
ayaan haryani
I was too young when i had an xbox 360. My elder brother just took the Xbox to a shop and modified it and told me never to connect to the internet. Btw the pirated games were dirt cheap i remember getting gta5 for 1 or 2 pounds but now i paid like 13 pounds to play it on my ps4. Also i remember that there was a mod on xbox that allowed you to connect to xbox live it was called Jtec mod but it was expensive and also my brothers friend did it and after a few hours the console got bricked.
Mike Snapper
I love this series, keep them videos coming.
I swear I'm gonna freak! I for some reason haven't subbed to you yet and I've been watching your content for almost a year. I could've sworn I had already.

Every video you make is top tier quality and I have now subbed and hit that bell icon. Keep up the good work man!
Soviet WRX
Golden era
ayoub nay
TheSpecialist: I am the only one how can hack the xbox and i will not releas it because i am better than everyone.
My console got banned in 07 and a friend of mine had his console banned too just for having my hard drive with backup game save data on his Xbox. Feelsbadman.
Mopar Mike
Oh the good old days.. 👍
Abhishek Minz
How ps2, Xbox/360, PS3 and game of thrones are hits because they don't give shit about piracy
Unfortunately all these "security systems" only affects the legit users. MS and Sony don't care about poor performance e t c due to runtime decryption e t c. Congratulations plebs that buy these boxes.
I feel proud knowing I've done this to Xbox and PlayStation consoles tehe.
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GTA IV - Hidden Anti-Piracy Measures - Feat. How the Xbox 360 DVD Security was Defeated | MVG 1 day ago   14:50

Did you know that the drunk or shaking camera is not the only hidden anti-piracy measure in Grand Theft Auto IV? In reality, Rockstar Games implemented much more of these sneaky measures and today I will be showing them off to you!
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