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The Short and Simple Story of the Credit Crisis -- The Full Version

By Jonathan Jarvis.

The goal of giving form to a complex situation like the credit crisis is to quickly supply the essence of the situation to those unfamiliar and uninitiated.

This is the original, full version.

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This is a nice video but far too slow. Put it on 1.5x to make it a little less insufferable.
scazz _786
Well fuckin done buddy...💯💯💯
i watch this video any time i can’t sleep and it works like a charm
You should do the same kind of vid about the Fed …… explain how the Federal Reserve PRIVATELY owned banksters have stolen $trillions from the American people. And every other civilised nation on earth.
FX Hacker 91
I don't see the problem here, I made millions in this system. If people were smarter and invested in assets and let equity pay for their labilities they would not be broke. Instead, they have no assets and pay off their labilities through credit, which creates dept.= *"They buy stuff they cant afford to impress people they don't give a shit about for some Ego-trip."* Living Frugally and achieving financially independence is alien to people out here in the world.
Ricky De Gove
Good explaination, but so much is missing here. It's easy to blame greed and say things like, "Don't buy what you can't afford." However, the real issue should be don't lend to people that can't pay back! The lender should be just as responsible as the borrower. Furthermore, the video ignores the huge deregulation that caused this as well as complicated subjects like synthetic CDO's, and barely touched on the topic of Credit Default Swaps (CDS) which basically allowed banks to double mortgage loans incomes without the need to actually create more mortagage loans (and without having the actual funds to cover the "insurances" - the CDS's - they were creating). The crisis was a strange mixture of fraud, stupidity and plain greed.
Umair Hameed
The whole concept of interest creates money out of air for investors to loan funds . However, in a society which is heavily in debt like America, interest is only adding to the increasing debt . This makes the economy unstable. That is why it is called 'the crisis ' of credit.
John Scrooge
Adrian Hetmanski
Great vid. I got only one question.
What happened to the Millions & Billions of dollars that were paid out in commissions, bonuses, fees & investor interest to brokers, lenders, bankers & investors?
Oh wait... it wen't into massive mansions in Hamptons/Costarica/Monaco, Huge yachts, a parade of private Lear Jets and all the Lamborghini, Ferrari & Rolls Royces they could get their hands on.
Those poor poor Bankers, lets give'em another 750 Billion dollars in bail-out money, so they can pay all those off quicker.
And how funny is it that Banks can make loan money appear out of thin air & not get charged for fraud?
Mizanu Geremew
why you stop uploading videos like this one
Randall Holcombe
This is a good explanation, except he left the part out about how the government was forcing (or at least aggressive encouraging) banks to give subprime loans because of a misguided attempt to increase home ownership and alleviate poverty. Don’t get me wrong, banks took that and ran with it way too far, and they are responsible for plenty of this, but to leave out that failed government policy played huge role here is dishonest to say the least. It wasn’t all about greed, it was also a classic example of what happens when the government tries to fix our problems. Then, when everything blew up, the government bailed everybody out instead of letting the banks pay for the dumb risks they were taking.
Good News- we are now back to selling sub prime mortgages! #2019
Red Wine Please
The animation is very clear to describe what happened.

What's implied in the video, I believe, are the primary causes:
> The inability of all the agents, including home borrowers, to properly assess the risks to their investments.
> Positive and negative feedback between agents that created, supported, then busted the credit bubble.

Another great video like this one would be helpful and serve as a warning to us.
Sean Hopkins
“How slavery works”
Sean Hopkins
Should be called, ‘How Alavert works’
Hastin Nuraini
Why there was no crisis in Poland? Because the Banking overseeing body forbids to give away too risky loans!
Pay To Win
very good video
Rulli Putra
Is it me or does it sound like Kevin Spacey talking
then wall Street collapses
Great Depression happens
Germany is pressured to pay their war reperation
Germans go to the extreme and supports Hitler
Hitler rose into power
Starts WW2
End with japan getting nuked too much they decided to make hentai instead
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