Regal vs Charger 1/24 slot MEGA Slot Car Track with 5 months ago   00:41

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Captain Bucks Adventure Time
This new track being built will Blow everyones Mind:
Ktothe Swiss
Made me jump, lol.
Outlaw Mercenary
Doty road......
Tyler Haselden
Try actually showing more next video. This sucked
Greg Smith
What wheels are those on the charger? I want a set for my build.
Damn that was fast
nice cars,specially that Charger but is that fucked up track at? looks like it has speed bumps,lol....
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MEGA Slot Car Track with Regal vs Charger 1/24 slot 5 months ago   05:34

This is my first slot car and train track on video. The slot car track is 520 ft long and takes 66 seconds to go around one lap.