Economic Growth and Structural Change: Economics - Economic Planning, XIth, 2 months ago   1:24:15

Economic Growth and Structural Change: Priorities for the Least Developed Countries

March 9, 2012
session 1

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Economics - Economic Planning, XIth, Economic Growth and Structural Change: 2 months ago   1:17:21

Economics - Economic Planning, XIth, by CA. Pardeep Jha, Part - 1

Chapter - 2 as per C.B.S.E. - Indian Economic Developement

This Lecture Contains-

1. Type of Economies
2. Capitalist Economy
3. Socialist Economy
4. Mixed Economy
5. What is Economic Planning
6. Who Does planning in India
7. What is Planning commission of India
8. What is Policy Commission
9. What are the Long Term Objective of Planning
10. Brief on - What is GDP, Gross Domestic Product, What is Per Capital Income.

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