Watch Chancellor Philip Hammond LIVE: Philip Hammond delivers 4 months ago   1:28:55

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Oldglen Sea
Hammond is an anti-British traitor! We voted for NO DEAL; we all knew what we were doing! He's a coward!
Zoubeir Tbourski
British mummy talking about" pyramid economy builded by the rothschild "
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LIVE: Philip Hammond delivers Watch Chancellor Philip Hammond 4 months ago   1:41:59

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CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond will unveil a budget for the final time before Brexit this afternoon.

Amid speculation about where the cash will come to fund increased spending in the NHS, here’s your guide to what to look out for and what we already know.

Sources revealed he is pushing ahead with tax changes that will hike national insurance for thousands of self-employed workers.

The Chancellor will target people who set themselves up as private companies, which allows them to avoid paying national insurance contributions.

The Treasury believes the Taxman could be missing up to £1.2bn a year by 2023 as a result of people paying tax as if they were self-employed.

The Chancellor has already targeted the public sector including the NHS and the BBC under what they see as a loophole when they pay freelancers via companies.

Mr Hammond now wants to target contractors – including IT workers and management consultants – to fill a growing black hole in Treasury coffers.

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