A Robot That Picks Tomatoes Workplace Safety - JonTron 1 day ago   11:37

Michael Reeves
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Pretend I'm not completely losing my mind and look at this robot I built. Tomatoes are yucky, cruel jokes played by god on humanity, it picks tomatoes out of salad with a big metal spike.

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Instagram: mike_reeds808
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burbank - sorry i like you
S U B W A Y S - アイスクリーム
elijah who - i'm tired of feeling this way

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Nathaniel Fabella
Yo im Filipino too lmao
Nathaniel Fabella
Abraham Sanchez
Finally fat shit
zero Tier#0
can you build a gun that shoot Electric needles
Stop abusing my tomato’s
Michael, I like your hair. It looks cute at that length.
Loving the Joji and the SwuM in this video. Also the aggressive tomato picking.
Hayden Matz
poop pants
Another one
make a confetti launcher that shoots a can of monster energy drink
Most Subscribed Egg?
Now just make a machine that takes raisins out of my fucking trail mix😎
Barenn Ghost
Who hurt you?
tito714 4
I see that joji
Mr.Ultra 10
Honestly one of my favorite channels. The only place where stupid things are done intelligently. And I love it.
Lil JDen
Filipinos when they hear another person is *also* Filipino:
grayson whittington
Penetration Boi 9000
Merlin Ervin
At least somebody agrees that tomatoes are disgusting
Jason G
I love this ironically I despise tomatoes too yet I grow them..... don't know why. oddly enough my plants don't produce that many tomatoes and when they do the birds get at them so, I guess they're for the bird's umm "enjoyment"
Vaporwave = like
Jason Arrington
1:12 he built a robot to give him succ
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Workplace Safety - JonTron A Robot That Picks Tomatoes 1 day ago   21:54

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