Story of Stuff, The Critique Part On Contact: The Plight of the Underclass with 2 months ago   12:34

The Story of Stuff is a Leftist Indoctrination Movie Being Shown in Schools All Over America.

NYT Puff Piece:

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Lee Doren has a passion for public speaking, being the youngest speaker to lecture for the Ronald Reagan Political Lecture Series at Oberlin College. He has given speeches in Annapolis, Maryland on the Bill of Rights and at the U.S. Capitol for the 9/12 March on Washington. He has been invited to lecture at The Cato Institute, The Institute for Energy Research, the Young Britons’ Foundation in the United Kingdom, the State Policy Network and Lehigh University. He has also provided commentary for Fox News, CNN, Reuters, PBS and Air America.

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David Smith
That's OK then. There's no such thing as global warming and our natural world is indestructible. I'll stick with the "leftist" indoctrination thanks
Captain Jules
You’re clearly not a Keynesian. It’s fine.... everyone’s entitled to their opinions... I’m just saying.
Dave Rainbow
If you don't understand we must move to infinite renewable resources on a planet of finite resources you are a conservative #Moron

Not trashing the planet that feeds you is leftist?

Trashing the planet that feeds you is conservative!

OK that's clear then ..
Ryan Anderson
It's not a persons fault that people don't like who they really are.
Ryan Anderson
Working together and not using money to make us poor. then people go around doing crime so they can survive because of racist political parties. The people are being divided, and the economy is shit. stop trying to stop crime so much....allow the people a position in the work force, stop fucking them over, and give them what they deserve. get along have a good general consensus. instead of there being 20 bosses in one business.
Asian Nick Compton
Watched both the Story of Stuff and this video in school. His point that the exponential growth model is wrong is completely inaccurate. We do have a finite amount of natural resources and just because certain goods get smaller doesn't mean that we won't ever use up all of our natural resources. We are still using resources to make goods, we're just able to make more goods now.
turret mafioso
*Story of Stuff by Kommunist Revolutionary Federation ☭*
Sauce Cornhole
Clara Choi
I'm not sure how fast you think a tree grows but cutting 7 football field worth of trees and planting them will not be enough. Trees are being cut down faster than they can grow meaning YES we will run out of forests. Also the Amazon is a place where other animals, insects live and if they're gone the fuck you gonna do? Say sorry? Sorry isn't gonna bring back the extinct species. While some parts of Annie's videos may be false or exaggerated, some are also true. It seems more to me that you are trying to force YOUR thoughts. Not only that, but I'm so sorry, HowTheWorldWorks, your username can't be taken seriously. You can't know how the world works because you are only ONE person out of BILLIONS that populate the world.
Matheus Pegorari
My teacher of philosophy is using this video in class, ill use this arguments to destroy him haha
Annie Leonard is a master deceiver. She was recently named the head of Greenpeace apparently as a reward for her contributing efforts to the Sustainability Agenda which is the keyword for UN's Agenda 21. The person critiquing in this video could have made an hour long video dissertation but instead pointed out glaring discrepancies. They took the time and the video has GREAT value given how it's being used to indoctrinate the youth generation in the USA and elsewhere.

It's generally true that most YouTube commentaries are actually comments that describe the commenter and not the people in the video. Many of you below are guilty of this. The title 'How the World Works' could have been called HumbleBob'sOpinion, would that have made a difference even if the exact same words were used? That's ridiculous. Don't blame the messenger but did you hear the message?
Are we starting at Pangea!! HAHA
Luke Vanni

I've responded to your points below:

1) So basically, we can just keep using up resources and it will all be okay because we'll be more efficient. Don't you realise that essentially, she is right, there will be an end point?

2) Okay, 20% of budget to military. 1/5 tax dollars.

3) The government should take care of us, promote the general welfare... whatever you want to call it this is semantics and subjective. You can't prove the role of government is or isn't to take care of people. It's just a matter of opinion so there's no absolute right or wrong. She may be have misinterpreted it, but you could still argue it's the role of the government to take care of 'us' so it's really a moot point.

4) "Meaningless statistics"- overreach. Money = power. Money matters. But I do wonder, why not compare government budgets with corporation budgets. Wouldn't this be more meaningful? Why didn't you provide this in your critique?

5) The next point is again political and subjective.

6) You didn't seem to really refute that trashing the planet was occurring?

7) Running out of resources; "nothing needs to be done about it", as long as alternative resources are available. That could be a significant assumption on your part. Also, if resources become more expensive, poor people may not be able to afford them. Then what? What if the alternative is just as expensive? Obviously it it will be more expensive than the original resource otherwise, by your logic, it would have been preferred in the first place.

8) Sure, there are more resources than we know about but we won't necessarily be able to access 4,000 miles into the centre of the earth and we may not be able to extract them anyway. Again, quite a lot of assumptions on your part. But sure, your point that there may be resources we don't know about is fair.

9) That life expectancy graph didn't look like a global average. No point comparing apples with oranges. She's talking globally so you probably should be using global data. Does the global data support your argument? Also, is she talking about projections? Into the future? Rather than now?

10) Forests that have existed for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years, are not the same if trees are simply replanted. And that's if they're replanted, which, as your own data shows, sometimes it's not.

11) Undrinkable water 200 years ago... what about pre- settlement? You're saying water had to be boiled pre-settlement for people to drink it? I don't know either way, I'm just asking if that's what you're saying, as your issue was with her use of the word 'become'.

12) Do you have evidence to support your claim that the US feeds half the world's population?

13) I've already responded to your 'self ration' point.

14) "Both parties are better off than they were before". Guaranteed? Every time? Are their exceptions? It seem to me that, again, you're making a lot of assumptions and sounding just as dogmatic as you accuse her of being.

15) Interesting you don't deal with the fisheries point. So you acknowledge that's correct? Shouldn't fish be much more expensive then, according to your logic?

16) Property rights in the Amazon? What are you talking about? The reason you still have forests in America- which you referred to earlier- is because of the government requiring those forests be protected.

17) Again, a rhetorical and absolutist claim which is not supported by evidence. What about the factory workers in China who have suicided? Have their lives been improved by trade? How can you know they would have suicided regardless?
What a load of rubbissh
Somsubhra Moulick
What a dumb person. People like this always consider any critique of industry and corporations to be leftist. For these guys there is no importance or respect for nature or other peoples of the world. Always happy with their stuffs and wanting more on expense of other beings. If there is no problem at all then how do you explain so much social, economic and environmental problems the world over. Sorry, actually for them there is no problem at all. Never want to know why people are engaging in violence with each other and destroying the environment. Pathetic to see that some one justifies that the role of government is not welfare. Should have been ugring the government to take up welfare rather than war and conflict the world over.
Hope, common sense will prevail and we would start to understand the consequences of our own folly befor it is very late.
Joebert Gabito
thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, but Im a minimalist which can be considered favorable to the video in critique. No child that haven't played legos die less educated and so on... PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.
426 Biggie
either im going blind or this vid is shit
Kristina Wells
I certainly hope this video being critiqued isn't shown to children in schools. Although I have no problem with this critique being shown. lol
10:57 "we only got one [planet]" actually we have around 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the universe so... yeah...
Dolce Dolente
It appears to me that Mr. Doren zoned out through Ms. Leonard's whole section on externalities...
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