Tommy Chong - Sting Operation: Cheech and Chong Roasted - Stand-up 2 days ago   12:39

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Tommy Chong recalls the morning the DEA raided his home and how he was sent to jail for making bongs. (Contains strong language.)

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herbery meds
Weed is the Healing of the Nation
Ryan Sumawan
Hey man......
Alex M
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
Wondering if that's true did bush supply money to Terrorist
We got an opioid crisis in america and this is the dumb shit the dea does
1:05 you welcome
Adriaan Howell
The man ! The legend !
Frank Goodman
You have to be the lowest level of man to be a DEA agent.
Smokey Bear
wait. if the undercover agent shipped the bong to Pa., didn't HE break the law?
hamid malik
Damn he seems like such a good sport about it lol
Amelia Anderson
They were wrong for doing that to him.
That's Bill Clinton's DEA keeping America safe, kids (the phony really never inhaled).  Busting Tommy Chong is like busting ol' Willy Nelson on his bus, a cheap shot, while he's just trying to pay his bills.  It's great that he was taken care of in jail.  Bill Cosby gets respect in jail too.  Bill put guys on the floor laughing with just a facial expression
Isnt that Entrapment? They refused to ship across state lines because it was they send a DEA agent into his company to ship it? Pretty sure thats illegal as hell
Monzter Carl
Tommy Chong Try Weed in the philippines And Duterte Kill you
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
say no to drugs people dea.s always follow feds who work dirty I saw a fed get arrested the other day for having weed in his car now that's funny true feds you could be the next to be arrested by dea
Joe Nelsen
Cheech, Chong and Doug Bensen all have the exact same act. It can be summed up as 'Dude.....weed.'
Corey Cadden
We have a head shop in Erie pa that got hit because of his bongs DEA busted it up years ago
Stefan Crews
He didn't mention his cellmate was Jordan Belfort aka the real wolf of Wall Street
The Stupid App
That’s fucking unbelievable. Damn.
James Forrest
I loved him on that 70’s Show 😂 😝
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Cheech and Chong Roasted - Stand-up Tommy Chong - Sting Operation: 2 days ago   43:21

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