Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE How to beat the creatures from Bird 2 days ago   12:16

Doctor Mike
Welcome back to another Doctor Reacts Series Episode! House M.D is a popular medical drama and I constantly get asked both in-person and online to react to a new episode. So I dug into your comments and checked out some online sources and settled on Season 2 Episode 17 "All In".

This episode was VERY heavy on medicine and had a lot of great nuggets when it comes to poker. If you want to check out some House M.D. episodes they are streaming on Amazon Prime here:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches House MD / Real Doctor Reacts to House MD . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!

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Hi Doctor Mike, I think you would enjoy watching The Knick from Steven Soderbergh, a lot of medical students and teachers in med school love the show, it's set in the year 1901and badly performed chest compressions wouldn't irritate you in this one because they haven't been invented yet lol.
About your videos, they are amazing, I always learn something new that helps me with my studies :)
Anusha Kambampati
Oh Mike..... have some hot tea.......
Gabriel Legend
Subscribed for future House episodes.
Tyler Yerger
Dr. Mike, i would really like you to watch season 12 episode 2 of Family Guy titled "Vestigial Peter". I know the entire episode is just a bunch of cartoon nonsense and most likely not accurate to the slightest but id still like to see your reaction to what Dr. Hartman does halfway through surgery when he takes a break. Again i know its a cartoon but still I think you'd enjoy watching the complete medical inaccuracy that the show has. 🤣🤣
Senbon Sakura
At least it's not lupus.
Abby Adeniyi
Doctor mike, please react to Grey’s anatomy Season 2 episode 25....We would like you to explain the ethical considerations regarding izzie cutting a patients Lvad wire
The passion is real in this one!
Ranieri Campello
Finally! Do Black Mirror in the episode were the doctor gets a brain tool
Shankywiz gaming
House isn't house with protocols
Lauren Burgett
You should definitely watch and react to some of Nurse Blake’s videos on Facebook!
amy_ bam
Could you react to a newer episode of greys anatomy 😘😂
Aleisha Perez
Watch New Amsterdam
Debbie Harris
I love House MD so if you ask for suggestions mine will always be an episode of House. So.... please critique Hunting (season 2, episode 7). It's got it all: patient gets House to treat him by threatening to report his assault, weird diagnosis, another assault to prove the diagnosis, possible HIV transmission from patient to staff, mental meltdown involving drugs. Just one of my all time faves. ❤❤❤
Someone please do some chest compressions 😫😫
Dr Mike getting heated over their questionable choices in the episode is great~
AHH bored
I really enjoy this. A doctor reacting to House. There needs to be more of this.
Jeanae Vann
Omg these comments I can't
Lizzi Gilmore
This is technically two episodes because it's a two parter, but...
Season 2 Episodes 20 and 21 "Euphoria Pt. 1 and 2"
They are not residents
Austin Kilgore
“Scrubs: My Lunch” I’ll continue to request this until it’s watched lmao
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How to beat the creatures from Bird Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE 2 days ago   18:34

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