Improve Your Speaking How to understand native speakers' questions 2 days ago   06:30

Conor Neill
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There is one way, and only one way, to achieve excellence as a speaker.
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I have been teaching Persuasive Communications on MBA courses at IESE Business School for 10 years. This is part of a collection of short lessons compiled from my courses and shared for use both as a support to my classes, and a way of sharing this valuable knowledge to a wider audience via these awesome digital tools ;-)

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Ray Lutz
The quote that more solar energy hits the earth in 2 minutes than we use in a year is incorrect. The fact is that the total energy hitting the earth is about 0.02% of the energy we use in a year, and that is about 1.7 hours, maybe that is how the 2 minute mistake started. See "This theoretical potential represents more energy striking the earth’s surface in one and a half hours (480 EJ) than worldwide energy consumption in the year 2001 from all sources combined (430 EJ)"
Miguel Angel
YOUR VIDEOS ARE A KIND OF TEDconnorX. Short, greatful and complete.
Thank you for you words!Helped me a lot, have a great day.
Marihuana Marihuana
You have 100 followers but your viewing so many people watched that and mean as people to know how correctly speaking in your life, listen this you will give many skills and experience that be a great in a conversation!
How long did it take you to not say 'umm' or 'uhhh' when pausing/thinking and such? Very hard habit to break, I don't think I heard you use any of those in the entire video. Great stuff!
Messi is the wrong example here. Better use Ronaldo next time. It is confirmed by colleagues of Messi that Messi is more of a natural Talent while Ronaldo is the working bee.
the 10.000 hour concept is a nice idea for the masses to work their asses of. even the original scientists of the 10.000 study say it is wrongly interpreted by Malcolm.
Ylfc Nation
this is awesome
Reached one million views! That means over one million people want their time and money back!
Werk Telefoon
The 10.000 hours rule is science at all
Master Mind Abacus
Wow great video
Prof Anand shukla
Great Conner Highest Level Trainer
Laving sp
Cali Cilmi
I am Muslim I think what you said is right because kids or person who put in 8 hour a day is more likely to learn l listened to speech that was given by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Australia how he used put more time than his friends and he became champion of his sport
Vincent Palmer
Not even close> There are currently seven and half billion people alive today and the Population Reference Bureau estimates that about 107 billion people have ever lived. This means that we are nowhere near close to having more alive than dead. In fact, there are 15 dead people for every person living. We surpassed seven billion dead way back between 8000BC and AD1.
Romeo Taninia
Wasted my time watching this video!
Carlos Bejar
Conor why will never get there xdd
Joshua Cohen
"The way that you get to be a good speaker is to practice a lot". That took him 6:29 to communicate. I don't usually flame but I see no other content here.
dd Chan
So boring. Everyone safe the same thing. Is like 20years ago idea. On MLM
Frank Grasso
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How to understand native speakers' questions Improve Your Speaking 2 days ago   07:00

Share Native English speakers ask questions SO fast that you can't understand them! Watch this lesson to improve your listening comprehension in English. You'll be able to answer questions like "watayadoin?!"