Massive tourism threatens the Galapagos Italy: Cruise Trippers Unwelcome 1 day ago   03:23

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It's home to some of the world's rarest species. But the Galapagos Islands may not be able to survive a modern onslaught. Ecuador, of which the Galapagos is a province, says massive tourism is threatening the islands; the South American nation is now asking Unesco to add the habitat to its endangered list. Graham Watkins is a Galapagos environmentalist. Here's his view on how the islands can be preserved.

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Italy: Cruise Trippers Unwelcome Massive tourism threatens the Galapagos 1 day ago   04:10

Venice is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. A lot of locals say it's too popular - and are calling for a limit on the numbers of day trippers.
An average of 59,000 tourists a day visit Venice to see the old town's romantic canals, labyrinthine alleys and, of course, St. Mark's Square. The huge cruise ships bringing them there, however, are having an increasingly detrimental impact on the lagoon's ecosystem. Tourists are also being blamed for the increase of souvenir shops and restaurants, which are pushing out local stores serving residents. Many Venetians are now forced to go to the mainland to do their shopping. For more go to