Bolton looks on as Trump undercuts Cleaver: Walked out of debate because 2 days ago   06:56

CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses the major foreign policy differences between President Trump and his National Security Adviser John Bolton. #CNN #News

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mark murison
foghorn leghorns chickenhawk
We in England have someone with a proper mustache that makes Bolton's look like the armpit hair on a prepubescent schoolboy. ........... step forward Dick Strawbridge.
Michael Walsh
Bolton was only appointed in the first place because Adelson (and possibly other big GOP donors) pressured Trump into it, precisely because they know Bolton wants an Iran War.

The patriotic thing to do would be to immediately replace both Bolton and Pompeo.
Bolton looks like a baked turd
Joshua Basile
I thought they were going to show footage of President trump undermining Bolton. Oh, wait, it’s CNN so of course it’s just going to be super cool news casters speaking for everyone. This is why I no longer watch cnn.
Joshua Basile
The US should send Bolton to fight these wars all by himself.
hikmatullah sahib
If Trump can kick this warmonger and the other equally nut cases who are pushing for more bloodshed, America will be looked favourably by others. In fact if he can withdraw the iranian sanctions and reinstate the jcpoa I am sure Iranians will reciprocate in equal sincerity and respect. Kick these nuts out. They damaging the reputation of America. Negotiate with respect and truth and not with lies and threats
The Last Free Apache
Hard to start a war when you avoided the draft and the World is in Love with Tulsi Gabbard who served after 9/11 and is now calling out the lies of the wars and now wants your job Putting Trump in a no win situation. Trump has 1 year to cure cancer, end all wars and completly change his attitude and become the nicest guy in the World.
Homemade Collectibles2021
John Bolton is a war monger that should be put in death sentence for the American troops sent to war and the massacre of women men and children in false wars. This includes dick Cheney and bush.
thomas young
I get your cartoons but what the hell are you talking to wise ass there about inside reality in
Potus world? Get a grip and move CNN back to Atlanta. Wolf and Wise Ass will pass out
from the heat and Don Lemon might really understand why Martin emerged as non violent
but unstoppable force for black rights in USA rooted in long history of which Kamala Harris
like Nikki Haley have no ballast in the boat of judgement to make ad first generation USA.
Biden should ignore her lawyer tactics. My grand dad work with Strom on University Board
but drew a line as Democrat not Dixiecrat racist. Her dad was not even born in Jamaica then.
US slavery is not her heritage. Biden should ignore her and explain $10 trillion in Red in 8
years instead but she ain't smart enough to do better so she attacks with chicken shit issue.
Poor Tom Tulsi has more brains that rest combined Been round world with Hambone
Stopped off in Delhi for Tadori and flam jams LOL
Dennis Clark
The position should be named as national insecurity adviser.
a war mongering ned flanders..
Bevis Butthead
Bolton is a piece of💩💩and his mustache does look stupid. Maybe Bolton secretely wants to do porn. 👺👺
Jimmy Conway
Gay boy Anderson Cooper 😂😂😂
S Oval
Bolton must Go !! He fooled Bush into Iraq on weapon of mass destruction !! But he won't fooled Trump ! Bolton must Go !!
in 1945 America donated 2 nukes on Japan. that is evil, i think the Japanese forgot that.
Dan Benedict
Andy Gaypooper spewing his liberal bias again!
Pretending that Boltons opinion is somehow a valid option makes you complicit in his war crimes. CNN is a Joke.
James Ekeke
Guys is this CNN or TheOnion
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Cleaver: Walked out of debate because Bolton looks on as Trump undercuts 2 days ago   08:18

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) tells CNN's Alisyn Camerota he walked out of the bitter House debate about a formal rebuke to President Trump's tweets because it was embarrassing. #CNN #News