Jeremy Corbyn is getting off the fence Brexit delay will face 2 days ago   02:11

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Senior Political Commentator John Rentoul explains how Jeremy Corbyn has gingerly set a foot down on one side of the fence on Brexit, backing a Final Say referendum.

The Labour leader told his shadow cabinet that the party should “demand that any deal is put to a public vote” on Wednesday.

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Henry Discipline
Pathetic Boose.
Disgusting. Labour no longer represent workers - just students, metropolitans and immigrants.
merlin the magician
And he thinks he could lead the uk,what a joke he will split up the uk in one go,the unions have bent his arm up his back and twisted it,and this will divide the country even more he will kill democracy in one go both him and that stupid front bench of his,this has made him a laughing stock all over the uk,
Brexit is the Tories' mess let them clean it up.
Ray G
Corbyn biggest waste of space labour has ever had a leader
Redd Tales
Noam Chomsky, prescient sir. Prescient.
GTFO of the EU before their scummy union destroys Britain. Get out now and hopefully the SJWs will go to the EU.
These MPs are all a joke, can’t make up their minds, especially this fucker
Brian Colson
I hope our Sanders can be/is as clever as Britain's Corbyn is.. this is how you get it done your way..
Political Philosophy- The Great Books and Chapters
Support Make Votes Matter, the campaign for Proportional Representation- events happening across British towns and cities this Saturday, google their website.
Jeremy Corbyn should visit Hong Kong and explain to young people out protesting the virtues of Socialism, I am sure he will be well received.
Michael Hope
Already had one--LEAVE.
mr gwanson
British Scorpion
Perhaps we could have a referendum on if we should have a second referendum? the choice would be Yes, or No. Sorted.
What a dipstick, Comrade Corbyn is worse than Theresa May, that's saying something, and Diane Abbott as Home Secretary? Please God, no.
Lets hope he gets elected,FORGET THE FAR RIGHT AND THE JEWISH HATERS,corbyn is like a breath of fresh air
Cleo's mum puddy tat
I absolutely do not want Jeremy Corbyn in power ..but are we living in a TV show when others say he's too old and infirm to be in power, have the Russians come here to fuck with us lol ..I dont want him in power but he seems to be able minded ..unfortunately for me ..whaaaa I dont like him but I don't want to see him or us being played
Or is that just me lol
james richards
corbyn should remain on the fence; labour are not negotiating brexit, the tories are.
they democratically won the 2016 election, being given the go ahead by the british people to carry on trying to get the best deal to leave from the eu, for the uk.
corbyn should continue to remain ambiguous until after october 31st; it would be the best thing for him if the tories took britain out of the eu.
the tories, media & labour remainers are desperate for corbyn to commit so they have something to rubbish him with; he must remain strong & resist giving in to his opponents, by agreeing to, & to me an undemocratic 2nd referendum.
the tories called the referendum which was democratically won by leave; the tories democratically won the 2016 election; brexit is their baby, democratically, not corbyn's. whether we stay or leave & whatever the success or failure, it has nothing to do with him-
it will all be down to the tories.
stay ambiguous jezza, & put the blame on the tories, ie, cameron, may & johnson or hunt.
heng cc
Corbyn is the perfect idiot; Labour should sack him
The oilandgasresourceportal
Very fake news!!! Corbyn is being fed lines by his spin doctors
Alan Edwards
How many referendums would we need to have for politicians honoured any of them? Something they have failed to do....
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Brexit delay will face Jeremy Corbyn is getting off the fence 2 days ago   02:17

Any future prime minister seeking to delay Brexit beyond the end of October would face "enormous hostility" from the European Union, the Irish Taoiseach has warned.

Leo Varadkar said an extension to the UK's membership would not be entertained for further negotiations or indicative votes, despite claims from the remaining Tory leadership contenders that they will be able to make changes to the withdrawal deal.

Arriving in Brussels at the start of the European Council summit, which will be dominated by the election of the bloc's top jobs, rather than Brexit, Mr Varadkar told reporters there was a "strong view" across the EU that there should be no more extensions.

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