My Grandson flies my favourite Micro Why Bridge Cameras Are Great for Travel 6 months ago   09:40

My Grandson flies my favourite Micro Helicopter UNEDITED

Camera Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Editor Serif MoviePlus X6

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Hey grandad what is CHEAPEST AA battery you have bought?
I got 8 rechargeable AA batteries from a rc that was COMPLETLY broken but the battery was OK it was a 9.6v battery pack I opened it and got free batteries because the car was given to me the batteries were not high capacity it at least they were nimh not nicd.
I took apart a 36v li.ion battery pack it was scary it was fully charged and there was no way to drain it! I only got the battery pack starting to take apart but the rest of the video failed ;(
Hey grandad you should make a video how many rc cars do you have?
That helicopter is so cute. I hope the li.po battery don't give up on you!
Myra Madd
Better than I did the first time I tried one.. and the second... and the third..
Doc Ink
Kids seem to catch on quick, I'm just not coordinated enough
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Why Bridge Cameras Are Great for Travel My Grandson flies my favourite Micro 6 months ago   04:38

Looking for the perfect holiday camera? You may not have considered a bridge camera – these devices tend to be more affordable than DSLRs, with similar handling and versatility, and many offer superb features like the massive 65x zoom of the Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

Matt takes the SX60 HS to Budapest to demonstrate what makes it such a great travel camera.

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