I HATE ANTHEM BioWare In Damage Control After 2 days ago   50:42

I Hate Everything
IHE delves deep into the latest looter shooter video game to join the pile, Bioware's Anthem.

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Soviet Onion
Next video: I HATE PIE
Xander Daniels
Can we talk about just how similar shaper caves look to every vex building in all of destiny? Like seriously it’s just stupid
Leggo My Potato
I remember getting my ass downvoted into oblivion on reddit when this game was being hyped, because I pointed out how pathetic and retarded the suit flight model was. If I wanted that experience, I'd load up halflife and type noclip in the console. We're living in an age where graphical artwork is becoming insanely good while coders are becoming increasingly idiotic. What a waste of a beautiful looking game.
Cool, you jumped on the same bandwagon as everyone else, congratz.
Can you please make a I hate YouTube ads I've been seen so many dumb ads on this site and some of them are stealing from Cyanide & Happiness I'm not sure if you've heard of them though
Most people watching this are 14....
Winterlight Soul
Single player gaming is a swear word in the EA Universe...games as a service is the future of EA games
Djordje Smiljanic
Dont get ofended but your head looks like a N-64 Controler
Winterlight Soul
Haluk seems like a decent character...if only they had made a game full of decent characters!
Winterlight Soul
At least Destiny loading screens make you feel like you're still in the world!
Anthem just hearing it makes me not wanna play it
Sam Upperton
7:55 anyone else get a Skyrim Alduin's wall vibe from this bit?
Al Ash
Brian Gronberg
It’s like the devs remembered that in DA:O the Warden had to gain the aid of 4 allies, so in this game, the Freelancer has to complete the challenges of 4 tombs.
David Balber
For 1:41 he should have played I’m only sponge bob.
Helpful Octopus
Hello there! I'm a helpful octopus and here's a helpful fact: Hamsters need a minimum of 450 sq inch cage space to be happy!
its amazing how so many games try to jump on the warframe bandwagon and player base but they fail every damn time with the bs AAA are expecting to pack into theyre games
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
You hate everything
Now what do you think about Division 2? I've not played Destiny, Anthem, or the first Division, but I'm enjoying it a lot.
Lachlan Millward
Oh shut up you hate everything

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BioWare In Damage Control After I HATE ANTHEM 2 days ago   13:43

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