Episode 2 of A Very Nice Win!!!!! Bought ONE $20 Lottery Ticket..and THIS 1 day ago   15:20

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7million views!!! Haha that's insane! Especially on a lottery vid good for you bud! Nice wins
Benny Davino
I scratch a ticket today but I lost
Richel Alpante
It seems like a lottery?
Vans World
That’s awesome brother 👍😁
Random Tv
Is this New York lottery??
Martha Good
I need that kind of luck when I do my scratch tickets
Michael Helms
The suspense!
Suzanne S
Thanks for the tips!
Suzanne S
Is this a certain state lotto ticket?
Carlene Dickinson
Having seen this my luck will increase exponentially. Well done btw!
Ms. Tee
Congrats man. I hate those things.
AL Can
When I was a teenager, around 1990 in Virginia, there was a Tic Tack Dough lottery scratch ticket. You get 3 Xs in a row and you win the prize shown. For some reason many people overlooked, or missed, the 3 Xs in row. Me and my brother would dumpster dive in 7-11 convenient store dumpsters for the trash bag that had the played losing lottery tickets. We’d sit down and recheck all of them. We made close to $1000 in a month, with winning tickets people overlooked. That was a lot of money back then, for us.

Once word got out EVERYONE started doing it, I think the convenient store employees started doing it also because all of a sudden we couldn’t find the lottery ticket trash bags in the dumpster any more.
G man
I bet your glad you went back and bought all those tickets. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
STe//A Da\V/e
Maybe I should start recording myself scratching!
Wanna Wander
Wow! That’s cool! Good for you!!!
Danyelle Simmons
Toni Lofton
Nice win. Congratulations
Joe Arden
Congrats brother ! I'm so happy for you ! It feels good to see somebody win , esp when they need it or deserve it ? I really do hope you hit big ! Like the win for life ! Keep on playing , I'll say a prayer for you !
Słowłėy Dÿing
absolute *mad lad*
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Bought ONE $20 Lottery Ticket..and THIS Episode 2 of A Very Nice Win!!!!! 1 day ago   06:01

I only bought one scratch off lottery ticket for this video, and one is all it took to get a very nice win!! They always say it's about being in the right place at the right time when it comes to winning on any lottery tickets...guess I was both.

I usually do more than one lottery ticket per video, but I decided to just buy one.

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