BURNIN' RUBBER & ELECTRONICS $$ | Scale Making A Twin Nitro Engine 4 months ago   05:20

Overkill RC
This event was definitely a nice change of pace. Scale drag racing is a whole different animal than what I'm used to. It was awesome to see everyone push their custom builds to the limit! I brought my TLR Ten-SCTE 2.0 out to run and didn't do so hot, but I still has a blast nonetheless. Thanks for watching!

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Overkill RC
Remember to use the code "overkillrc" on the Excel Blades website to receive 15% off your order:

Leopoldo Chatz Mata
Looks like a duck racing a car ! Jus' say'n !
ironia é meu nome amo zueira
O comentário em portugues que vc procura esta aqui .......agora da um like ai pra nois....
Jeff Foster
How far are you guys running by chance?
10dogs blue
Race for pink slips/receipts
Gilbert Gruba
Pengeng remote control plssssssssss
Bryan Johnson
The race at 3:08, when he nails it and rides the rest of the way on 2 wheels! Insane! I love it
The King's Servant
Looks like you would be better off with some type of solid sticky tire. This way tire pressure would be even all the way around,then they wouldn't pull to one side.
N. Vzla
NiCd days.
Mark Sommers
Love the suspension on those Stadium Trucks !
Robert Sandstorm
what kind of truck was the last one... you know, the one pulling the wheelie at 40
Momo C.
This shits hella funny, they have little wheelie bars. Even had a car that caught fire. 😂😂✊
Mohamad Azrul
Electric = Torque of God
Wulla Balloo
I had one, swapped the motor and battery and it would accellerate to at least 40mph instantly, nose in the air on two wheels, eventually it chewed up the gearbox and I couldn't get the parts for it. Replacement car didn't accellerate nearly as fast, no wheelies, boring.
Gaming 4 Life
Tamiya was faster too
The Aquarium Noob
I like how 90% of who warmed up there tires never crossed the finish line lol
Colliepaw Studios
Who else just loves the squeak of rc cars
Just a little bit faster than my lunch box as a kid🤪🤣
Reiley Maiers
Tha tag little red sc truck is one bad mf
Theo _
4:46 that girl almost took that car to the face
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Making A Twin Nitro Engine BURNIN' RUBBER & ELECTRONICS $$ | Scale 4 months ago   23:56

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