We Are Expecting... (Pt. 1/4) | Mikey Story time| 14 and PREGNANT|| HOW I HID MY PREGNANCY 2 days ago   17:37

Mikey Tua
We can't believe this happened in Vegas... you won't believe how our parents reacted. Stay tuned for part 2!




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Julia Campbell-Clark
Dis lil girl! OMG IM YOUNG BUT WHERE IS UR PARENTS LIL GIRL FIX UR ATTITUDE IF I SAW U OOF I WILL SLAP! YOU UGH I THOUGHT Danielle Bregoli was that bad but dang ur worst! Ur like 14 or something! Dangg
Abigail Ragsdale
Somebody contact Dr. Phil asap
Denesis Toledo
That chancla got her good
Runner 4 Life
Man I guess they should use a cohn-dom
Alessia Bazzurro
Hey isn’t she like .. 12???? Is she sexually active??? How fucking old is her boyfriend ?!?
Random Trans
Me: * gets fat *
Me: Omg I'm pregnant! I'm gonna have a food baby!
Friend: What the hell? A food baby?? Who's the father?
Me: *Olive Garden*
cynthia Bishop
Oml I'm inspired... To get pregnant
Jazzie D
They need some milk
Blue Duck
*the godfathers Tom Brady if anything*
Brittney Gottman
Mikey-It's fine we can go out and leave IT with you.
Danielle's mom- ITS NOT A DOG
Brittney Gottman
"I really just wanna go smoke a cigarette" ☠️☠️
Jeon Isabella
Now ive gained much more respect for James Charles and Jojo after seeing this. Like tf bro make another excuse for being a fatass
layla's life
Thats not good
thicc jeon
Dani mom: it came out negative right ?

Dani: no , its positiv-

Dani mom: *throws slipper*
mrs voice
This is fat not a baby
llaugh trackk
she's 11...
Galaxie_ Coeur
Just admit she’s fat lmao
“I really just wanna go smoke a cigarette.” fucking mEeEe
Y’all are like 12
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Story time| 14 and PREGNANT|| HOW I HID MY PREGNANCY We Are Expecting... (Pt. 1/4) | Mikey 2 days ago   14:58

Hope you guys enjoy my story time!
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