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Andy Ngo is a political journalist best known for covering street protests in Portland, Oregon. He has written columns in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and National Review, amongst others, and is an editor for Quillette.

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I don’t care whose side your on or even if your at war, you don’t attack journalists. This has been one of the unspoken rules of warfare since forever. Edit: and this is coming from a communist.
Kenneth Bailey
Their is a reason you don’t see Antifa in Texas.
James Parker
It sounds like the Mayor needs to gain control of his city before he has an all out war on his hands.
Warp Warp
Is it just me... or is Andy Ngo an Asian Elon Musk
July 20 is moon landing 50ann.
King Lagoon
damn thank god he survived that brain hemorrhage in record time to make the rounds on all these cable/internet shows lol
Mikhail Sautenkov
It seems that YouTube no longer recommends your videos after this podcast. Hope I'm wrong.
Joe "It's entirely possible" Rogan
Even with the constant propaganda, after 3 years of the left complaining, using buzzwords like "systemic" & "white supremacy"- at what point do you realize YOU are everything you claim to be fighting AGAINST? Do you ever wonder, even secretly, if conservatives are really the monsters you have been told they were? Have you ever actually seen this fascist behavior that is claimed to be the biggest threat to Americans?
DrewgKing Slayer
The wikipedia's definition of fascism is not an accurate one.
there's gotta be some kind of irony to the fact that an immigrant is the one standing up to these middle class white kids who are calling for violent anarcho-communist revolution
Non leftists have been warning of actions like this, organizations like this for years. Those people are attacked, demonized & done everything possible to silence them. They are known as conspiracy theorists, Nazi's, fascists, conservatives & of course racists. These are the voices mainstream democrats encourage to be silenced. Some people are treated as more equal than others.
46:18 Andy's face is so funny.... jajajajaja
Craig Dirty .Dority
I dont condone the violence against people like this but after an hour even i want to punch this guy. Joe is exactly right when he says this is a small group of people who are vioent.
Khorn Flakez
i agree with joe 100 percent...but this guy clout chasing
Yardbreather Outdoors
Weird that the mainstream media..or any media, really have not broadcast this? As a resident in of the midwest, I have heard NOTHING of this incident.. or ANY incident taking place in Portland, Oregon.

As Joe has stated, it's interesting when people who don't typically engage in 'aggressive', dare I say violent behavior decide to delve into 'aggressive posturing' (Antifa) finally come into contact with people who DO engage in aggressive behavior (warranted or not). It usually doesn't...and it wont..end well from those who 'posture'. It's been documented in video footage that Antifa has a 'glass jaw' and falls pretty hard.
I really dont understand why ppl want to be on a social media platform like Facebook and Twitter? It's a waste of time (unless you have business to promote) and creates narcissistic behavior. Also it gives power to voices which shouldn't have any. If everyone really didint like what trump said about the 4 Congresswoman or all the other nonsense why hasn't there been a total turn away from Twitter? If everyone, even all Democrats abandoned Twitter what would happen? Would this not kill his power? And I dont mean in the way Democrats like do do things with a show cause theres so fucking stupid in how they play his game. Just quietly delete and move on, no praise, no show nothing to give his side power just leave the platform and all social media at that point? I'm just curious cause it doesn't actually seem like anyone wants to fix anything, they all rather play this game of likes, victimhood and shaming.
Andy was born and raised in the US, why does he sound like he has an accent? Is that just brain damage from the cowardly attack he suffered?
Dammit Joe, this is not the time to dance around an issue and search for nuance. Frankly your characterization of the surrounding situation is overly charitable to the left and overly harsh on the right.

You make it out like this little guy was asking for trouble and was attacked by a couple fools "who don't represent the whole movement."

Joe, getting old, rich, and senile is one thing. Denying or deliberately misconstruing reality is another. Cool it with the DMT
Negotiate? Comprise? These concepts don't exist to a generation that have never been told "no", never had a discussion with a conservative & never been accountable for their actions. It's always someone else's fault. They have always been told the "others" are monsters with a steady diet of propaganda from school to cable news to their own politicians. The propaganda is so overwhelming,day after day, ranging from completely wrong to just biased by terms like "dog whistle" to ensure the most offensive view of the "others". It's hard to blame an individual when they are never exposed to any other view & risk harsh retribution for any descent or even genuine curiosity to another world view. It's a CULT & it behaves accordingly.
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