Amr Diab Performing His Very Best Amr Diab - Osad Einy 2 days ago   05:21

Mohamed Shabaka
Amr Diab The Famous Egyptian Star Performing One Of His Best Songs Live "Osad Ainy" "Infront Of My Eyes" Very Romantic Song And Cool Performance By Amr Diab . He Also Plays Piano Within Singing.

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secret ansari Ansari
I am from india i also fan of amr diab
علمني البلاء
amr diaab osad aini kanbgiiik bzaaf o had disk kanmoo alih ♥
zayn hamadi
i was there !
Don't forget that this special song was written and composed by Amr Mostafa.
Cherry Yangco
wOW!! this one of my favorite song EVER!!
vijay khanna
mohamed rafat
جااااااااااااااااااااااامد يا عمرو
Did Amr's father abandon him?
Amalina Zakaria
i like this song so much! da way he pronounces da!
check out da pianist, he's cute!
p/s: he's mine...
It is about him expressing how he sees his love in front of him anywhere he looks as she is infront of his eyes, while the reality is that she is far away in another country.
i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alnamrood ahmad
oallah king
Ali Todar
this is amr diab

looke at the king
haidi 2l song mesh tabi3yiii lal king
rooney amr idab office in germany
what is this song about? what is happening infront of his eyes?
Anne Barzenje
Great! Amr we bas!!!!
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Amr Diab - Osad Einy Amr Diab Performing His Very Best 2 days ago   05:37

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