17 Year Old takes DMV Driver's Test The Rich Life Of Justin Bieber 2 months ago   14:24

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Tylan Copeland
Lambo hurrican
Jason Robert lee Travis morris
A potato 🥔
Drove a GMC Jimmy
in such an expensive car and it don’t even have rear and front cameras lmao
I drove a 2017 chevy camero zl1 with twin turbos
Devin Koellner
I drove a 2013 Honda Pilot. And it was last month.👍🏼
Scott Conner
Took mine in a 96 grand caravan caravan but it was longer, it was white and that was almost 15 years ago... my mother still has the damn thing haha
Hugo Prins
I hate how loud this guy is ffs
Flying Pigs CO
You eating nuggies in a fucking bugatti you're insane
He’s learning Algebra while 17 years old? I’m done the whole unit of Algebra and we’re not even finished the first term of school.

Edit: I’m grade 7, 12 years old.
Alan Grantum
Wayne Grose
I what a bugatty
Daniel. B_612
“Green means go, red means stop, yellow means stop.” The car is yellow bhaha
What does this guy do?? Are they all his?
Keesha Whitley
I want to drive one of your cars win I'm 16
Keesha Whitley
I want to drive one of your cars win I'm 16
Send It Subie
I took my test at 15 in my 400whp bugeye wrx wagon
Khanyisile Nombewu
I drove AUDI RS3
Mitchell Colurciello
Ughhhhhh a 2007 Jeep overland 5.7 hemi. Went well.
Wesley Wamsley
Bugattis are so ugly
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The Rich Life Of Justin Bieber 17 Year Old takes DMV Driver's Test 2 months ago   10:10

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