17 Year Old takes DMV Driver's Test The Rich Life Of Justin Bieber 2 weeks ago   14:24

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Hostile_ Plays
Bruh can I have a lambo?
Maria Dalia
Jayson Wells
I drove a 2006 Ford Taurus. Wish I could have done it in my jeep after I get it fixed up. When I get the money, wanting to put 35 A/Ts on it with a rough country long arm 4 inch suspension.
Petey Pablo
A donkey
monky zx
i want to drive a lambo
PriestKidz Vlogz
Kaiser's Super channel
i drove a lamborghini on driver's test
Tanner Wilson
2nd gen 2500 dodge ram
Jai Dixon
I drove a koenisigg its my grandfathers
Killa MJ
I drove a 2005 toyota avalon
Gilbert Bellis
My vlog manuel
When I tern 16 I want to drive a Ferrari
Caleb Crowl
Since you have so much money, can you buy my dads dream car, my dream car, and a ps4, a VR set, a Ps4 VR set, and a Bugatti just because... PLEASE!!!!!!
dominic collins
A Vauxhall Corsa 😂😂
Bobby Bobbybobby
RoyToh Does Roblox And More
i wanna drive an AE86 trueno
ActiAccutrac Mid-West ADS
CHALLENGE!!!! I am 59, I took my driving test, hang on all you Millennials! In my mom's gold flake, dark green, 1972 Buick Sword, wonder if anybody here can figure out what that is, and why women liked Buick's??? As for your Bugatti video, I thought it was awesome, not boring, and the test lady had to be clueless about the car, did she think it was a Corvette? Sad! I know somebody here in Wisconsin who has one leg, sadly, is terminally ill, still ambulatory, and should re-acquire their drivers license. His doctors took it away when the new medical treatments for his illness made him too week to drive. Now he is acclimated to the treatments, gotten his strength back, and the doctors told him months ago he can get his permit back. In spite of our prodding and encouragement to go to the DMV, take the test's, and reacquire his license he is STILL to D.I.T.D., (down in the dumps), to do so. We whish you were here! He thinks the Bugatti's, like the ones you have are the bees knees, AWESOME! LOL! We are sure if he got to take the driving test in one of those he would jump at the chance, and the fellow who administers the driving test's here at the local D.M.V., might shock your viewers, as much as he shocked us when we first saw them. Government agencies DONT hire Sturgis devotee's to administer driving tests, but they did here in F.D.L. WI! We are sure he would know what the car is, be just as giddy to administer a test in one, as as my friend would be to be tested in it! It would probably be on the 5:00 news here, LOLROFLMAO!
Jennifer Toomey
I won't to drive Bugatti varon
Incorporated Minds Music Empire IMME
I drove a 2002 Mercedes E320
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The Rich Life Of Justin Bieber 17 Year Old takes DMV Driver's Test 2 weeks ago   10:10

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