BAJA CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP Roadside Repairs and Wildfires on the CA Coastal 2 days ago   17:36

Kombi Life
In this episode we will show you exactly what a road trip in Baja California is like. This is a real Baja adventure - off the beaten track. We'll show you what to expect from the Baja roads, and desert driving and some of the incredible cultural experiences you can get from exploring this part of Mexico

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Visit the Organic Oyster Family, you can find them here:,+Baja+California+Sur,+Mexico/@28.0156681,-114.1179724,456m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x8133f8cfe802abdb:0x118f641f92c4b2d3!8m2!3d27.9591758!4d-114.056646


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Kombi Life
There is vlogging - then the is Kombi Life. If you watch as much YT as we do you will probably know that our episodes are different. That wouldn't be possible without the support of our Kombi Crew - so thanks to the new members and those of you who have been with us since the beginning! - You are the unsung heros of this series!
The Baja Adventure
Het we put your video on our 'road trip' page for adventure in baja - very nice.!
Cool Video!!
Jesus Hernandez
Just love this video viva Mexico
Jesus Hernandez
That huichol salsa its really good in it???
Jesus Hernandez
Awesome video, l love to make that trip to baja in my toyocombi
Gary Wray
Nobody will ever read this much less the Komi Crew. I just wanted to say how inspiring this is to me. I’ve traveled to almost 20 foreign countries in my life and have always been an avid camper/backpacker. Baja is way up on my bucket list. I dread the sand but plan on heading there with my camper when I retire for a month or two. Who knows, maybe longer. It’s a true paradise (to me) except for the darn dust. LOL!
Jessica Palmillas
I’m Mexican and I love how you added Mexican music to the video instead of American music like some other youtubers would use
Alby Mangels
Hashem N
Nice work. May I suggest two words....Garmin GPS, and spare fuel container. I am sure you are aware, but just in case. Did you get a chance to travel on HWY (1)? The Sea of Cortez side?
Huckleberry Finn
she is sweet
Marcio Coelho
Judging by all the videos I've seen of your travels, you seem to choose your travel companions very wisely. A question: that stove is run by bottled gas or electricity? Cheers from Brazil.
Miguel Sousa
Icey Black
Tara is such a hottie mmm
Where did you read the "appropriate" tyre pressure was 55psi!!!
Febry Pradnyana
love your tara 😅
Stephen Kemper
Great video series. It inspired me to move to Ensenada. I'm here and my dog and I are heading down south on Saturday until I hit Cabo, staying at places along the way. I would love to find those off-the-grid communities. Any hints or clues on where to find them? Thanks again for the great work!
Juan Tress
man, thank you, you exposed in the best way the real spirit of my people, in an ugly point in time where mexico is under many terrible circumstances. i shared your video in my facebbook so many friends can see . Welcome to mexico we hope you come back soon, i am in Xalapa, Veracruz , make a room in your agenda to visit Xalapa, you will love it as much and we will share some bear , mi casa es tu casa always!!! thank you very much!
It's cool that Lindsay Lohan is so into kombi life.
Where is the foam seal that should be between the engine tin and engine bay?!? Also, in the dusty environs you are frequenting you should have an oil bath air cleaner. There's not a paper element on the planet that works as well.
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Roadside Repairs and Wildfires on the CA Coastal BAJA CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP 2 days ago   48:57

This week's Vanlife Vlog took us down the Pacific Coast Highway, but not without incident! We set out southbound on the Oregon Coast Road before making our way to California state highway 1. We had some issues on our campervan and had to tackle a roadside repair while we were trying to escape the Oregon wildfires. Once we got back on our way, we got to paddleboard a river and explored the sea glass beach in Fort Bragg. We drove through the Avenue of the Giants, featuring giant redwoods that are incredible to see.

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Both originally from the small town of Blanchard, Oklahoma, Nate and Steph enjoy learning about new cultures and experiencing different ways of life across the world. They like to meet new people from all walks of life and just sit and have a beer with whoever shows up. It's all about spontaneity in this life!

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