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In this video discover the nine things that cruise lines do not tell you, and do not want you to know. Cruising is a great vacation but there are a range of things that cruise lines would rather you did not know about how they operate, conditions on the ship, rules they follow and some restrictions on your rights and what you can do that you agree to when buying a ticket (but are not drawn to your attention until things go wrong). I reveal the things that I think you need to know about... including some rather ghoulish and unusual facilities hidden from passengers. If you think I have missed any things leave a comment..

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Manel Dias
3 years ago I took this Cruise MSC Divina for 12 days (Vegan cruise vacation) trip to Bahamas, Cayman Island, Jamaica, Cozumel Mexico & back to Florida. That was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed.The food was amazing and the comforts we received were excellent too. Daily basis when we opened the door we were welcomed by some surprise gifts which were left at the front of the door. Every day we received a different surprising gift. Some days they were sweets, another day it's mediterranean spices, special creams, gift wraps soaps, etc. etc. it was pretty cool. Last year again we took the cruise to Alaska via the Princess cruise. However these BOTH cruises we sure enjoyed to the fullest. Thanks cruise liners.
You made it to #3. Downvote EARNED
If you tell me 3 things I already know, I WILL DOWNVOTE YOU.
Why old guy show on the front so often and so long ?
greg E
More reasons why I will never go on a cruise
nope double nope
You clearly dont know what liberal means in reference to regulations.
Very misleading title: the cruise lines give you all this information, nearly all of it in the contract. If you are a moron and fail to read the contract, then that is your fault.
John Elton
I knew most of that but not the parts about how your are on your own in certain situations...in any case, I'll never go on an ocean cruise as I get seasick and the options to prevent or combat that either do not work for me or are not allowed on a cruise ship...another informative video, thanks...
This should be called “Things they don’t tell you but if you’ve got half a brain you could work out for yourself”
Josephine Le
Thank you
Addik Otter
they wont tell you if you get shitfaced and fall off the gangplank, they will pay you 120k to "get home safe"
Chris Williams
In the Terms and Conditions in back of brochures, they do say that they reserve the right to change itinerary due to weather and safety concerns.
I want to tell everyone what Carnival Cruise Lines done to me and my family year before last and I want everyone to know it too because you hear all the bad stuff and hardly ever hear of the good things they do. Three years ago we took a Gulf of Mexico cruise and we booked my family and the first ever cruise for my mother and father. They have never stepped foot on a cruise ship in their 70 years until this cruise. We were at the Port of Belize and I was climbing on some rocks I was to old to be climbing on and slipped and broke my leg and the break caused the blood to be cut to my foot so I had to be transported to a local hospital and emergency surgery. I refused to let my family stay behind because they have been looking forward to this cruise for a year. Carnival had a sweet ever so nice gal named Mary to stay with me the whole three days I was in the hospital. May was the sweetest gal I had the pleasure to have gotten to know. She took great care of me, fluffed my pillow, helped get me things, etc. Carnival cruise lines called me twice a day to ask if there was ANYTHING I needed and they would make sure I got it. The boat crew watched over my family on the ship and helped make this a trip my parents would never forget. They never once forgot about me or my family aboard the ship. They weren't afraid I was going to sue because the injury was my own fault and my own doing so I had not grounds to sue. These people did this out of the kindness of their own hearts. To our surprise two weeks after we all got home we got a get well card in the mail from Carnival and a 5 free drinks cards, two which was soda cards for the kids and they give my parents 4 free vouchers for steak dinners on their next cruise and they give us a $50 discount on any shore excursion. We weren't suit stayers, nor high dollar money spenders on the ship either. They done this out of their own kindness. So not all Cruise lines are out to get people. Some are out there to make sure  people have a good time and enjoy their vacations like Carnival did for us.
Susie Hogan
Thankyou, you just changed my mind about my reconsidering the possibility of cruising (& it wasn't the more macabre ;) stuff - it was mostly the skipped ports which was my main reason for considering cruising)
s tanner
Best just to buy your own boat and sail alone. Most cruise ships are just huge gaudy and ugly and seem way over price.
Dotandgraham Xxxx
Tui cruises always tell you to be be back in time. Common sense really
David Hoffman
Itinerary change possibilities are spelled out in all the contracts and most brochures.
Nola Anderson
The cruise industry does not want us to know about their waste disposal and recycling rules because the explanation would BORE us to death. Maybe you should remake this installment at "8 Things Cruise Lines..."
Sonja Morrison
A contract, by definition, is a legal pact between two equally knowledgeable consenting parties. The cruise lines do not offer a contract. More like terms and conditions. Contracts are negotiable. Terms and conditions not so much.
Jet Stream
Read the fine print! Even if you have to get a microscope to read it.
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