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In this video discover the nine things that cruise lines do not tell you, and do not want you to know. Cruising is a great vacation but there are a range of things that cruise lines would rather you did not know about how they operate, conditions on the ship, rules they follow and some restrictions on your rights and what you can do that you agree to when buying a ticket (but are not drawn to your attention until things go wrong). I reveal the things that I think you need to know about... including some rather ghoulish and unusual facilities hidden from passengers. If you think I have missed any things leave a comment..

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Most of this video is wrong. Except for the carbon footprint. Read your cruise contract and you will see, that ports are NOT guaranteed and they will NOT wait for you, the cancellation fees are in there as well. It is no secret, if you bother to actually read it. 99 % of all cruise ships do NOT release anything into the sea, not even grey water from showers and certainly not anything polluting the ocean. It is all incerated. The ships flag is not really a secret either. Look at the back of the ship. You can do better than that!
All of this is on there site and they tell you all of this on the ships... wow good job taking notes during the tour btw. They don't tell u about how they operate because they charge for a tour that tells u everything he is saying. You get to tour all sorts of places on the ship that u would never get to see. I highly recommend.
James Kankula
Many of these are things that the cruise line tells you. It is in the cruise contract.
Beth Wilkinson
Spoken by someone who clearly doesn't read or work on ships
A national court can and will take any case in the interest of it citizens or the state - to the extent of impounding vessels and/or other financial holdings of a cruise company within its jurisdiction.
Never sign anything unless you understand what you sign and are willing to face the worst case possible. Hope for the best but plan for the worst.
Robert Aymar
Mary Nelson
Very informative video. Thank you kindly.
Annabelle Eugui
Carnival doesn’t want you to know that their engines are faulty
The 16 major cruise lines plying the waters today generated more than 1 billion gallons of sewage in 2014. Thanks to lax laws, ships can dump that sewage straight into international waters—polluting the pristine ocean near cruise destination hot spots.Apr 23, 2015. Everything is paid for before you board. So the benefits to locals when you dock are minimal. A mid-sized cruise ship can use as much as 150 tonnes of fuel each day, which emits as much particulate as one million cars. Help save the planet and find a greener option.
Wonder why anyone would treat cruise ships any different than other public transportation... like would you be late to a flight on purpose?
Robert Miles
So, if I go on a cruise, don't take anything I don't want stolen. Don't leave the ship except as part of an official excursion. Don't visit the ship physician.
I could go to one of the hundreds of parks and resorts in the US. Don't have to worry about being stranded. Getting sick is a lesser issue. (Don't carry anything you don't want stolen still seems to be a good idea)
I have never been on a cruise. Had been looking forward to taking one in a few years. After this video... the National Park system is starting to look pretty good!
The Wellness Specialist
Great work. Very good.
Making YT videos or any vids isn’t easy. You had nice comments compared to some others I’ve seen.
Sing David
Excellent information!! Thanks!!!
David Wadsworth
SAIL , must do a Sailing Ship. Some the meaning of luxury, some where you can actually do the tasks involved with sailing a ship. Form young and single folks, get a job on a cruise ship
Dona 4 him
All of this is soooo good to know! Thank you so much for this! = D
Crosley’s Toy Party
Great tips thanks
Auntie D Ramey
NOW I KNOW I DON"T WANT TO GO ON A CRUISE! THANK YOU! I want to save the ocean not pollute it.
Roger B
In other words, this is mostly common sense by the cruise lines and the video pretty much has a clickbait title.
Dawn Saunders
The worst crap I have ever listened to.
Frequent cruiser. I know all these “unknown” facts. If you don’t know them as a cruiser you did not read your contract, take, travel insurance or extra medical insurance. You are just plain stupid if you don’t. Or you are one of those people who just thought “ I will just chance it”. Duh!
They plainly tell you if you leave the ship on your own , what time to return, if you don’t, you are on your own, and take one major credit card in case. They all tell you that. If your are an excessive drinker and party animal and irresponsible at home; cruising is probably not for you. You don’t have problems if you act responsible. You won’t get left behind, fall off the boat, get robbed (use your sign and go card on board, around your neck), hopefully not die, ( if you do , what a way to go).

I hope everyone realizes that they are environmentally responsible.

I would hate to end up with you at my dinner table on the ship. Wtf, worse info video crap ever, they do tell you this stuff, were you sleeping the whole time?
Dan Erickson
FUCK um.
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