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In this video discover the nine things that cruise lines do not tell you, and do not want you to know. Cruising is a great vacation but there are a range of things that cruise lines would rather you did not know about how they operate, conditions on the ship, rules they follow and some restrictions on your rights and what you can do that you agree to when buying a ticket (but are not drawn to your attention until things go wrong). I reveal the things that I think you need to know about... including some rather ghoulish and unusual facilities hidden from passengers. If you think I have missed any things leave a comment..

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Miryam Quick
Wow!!! So informative
MrTerminator 645
I had an excursion that was late and they waited for us so I can vouch for that one.
Sean Goldie
Pure sensationalism from the title to all the so called info they don't want you to know, which 99% of people actually do know as we use our common sense sometimes to figure things out. Suppose I will not be subscribing to listen to this drivel anymore!
Drew Conway
I don’t think it’s fair to say that cruise lines don’t want you to know that they will leave your ass behind if you’re running late getting back to the ship. I think they want EVERYONE to know that.
Ron Nejati
God bless Western civilization!
Sandy Degener
"Dumping Food Waste"!? Haven't these guys ever heard about cats?
Dan Bachmann
2:57 Why would a passenger need to be held in a prison situation?
Cynthia M
I just want to say thank you for your very informative and efficiently presented videos. They are very helpful to me!
Fox Hyde
This was really helpful thank you
Common sense things to know.
Ideoform Sun
Please blink.
Renee Gentry
I recently watched a news segment where they released crime stats that Cruise Lines have refused to release. One person goes overboard or missing every 2 weeks. Alarming! This includes staff as well as passengers. Crime is pretty rampant as well. They compared crime levels on Cruise Ships to that of a small town in the USA such as towns with 50 K people. Confined in such a small space with thousands of people I find that Scarry.
A female staff member went missing while in open waters. Her parents met the ship once at Port. He took her parents to a spot on the boat w no video proof and stated this is where she went overboard due to a high wave. Her mother stated that it would of been impossible for anyone to go over in that spot due to how high the railing was and that the staircase was blocking this area as well. As you stated Cruise Ships they are registered in foreign countries and thus all crime is under that countries jurisdiction. No one on board is there to represent said country as a officer of crime!
Finally, Cruise Ships are corporate owned and are driven by dollars. They are staffed by the inexperienced at sea....on whole! Captains are forced to make decisions based on dollars rather than people. They are making Ships larger and larger and due to this we have seen horrible incident's with fires and ships just breaking down requiring tugs to bring them back to Port. It's only a matter of time until we have a tragedy of Titanic porportiins!
Heinz Hubbuch
this is B.S, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING? you obviously dont read your crouse agreement ... i know all of this from crouse 1 to my 35th
Cruise Passion
Thank you , I had no idea about social media restrictions ,I hope they won’t take down my videos 😬
Carolyn Moncur
Cruise lines also dont tell you that they can change ships. The ship you booked is not necessary the ship that will be the one used for your cruise. We had this happen with MSC Cruises. They would not refund when we wanted to cancel after they changed ships!!!
Cancelling ports happens all of the time on Royal Caribbean...they can literally see one raindrop and be like"nawl we ain't gone stop then" lmfao...but most of the time each passenger is refunded the port fee for said cancellation.
Layla Abdalla
I was going to a Greek island on celebrity but the weather was bad so we went to another
Great, succinct tips and advice! I really appreciated it.
They don't tell you that greed outways safety. All these cruise ships have 6 to 12 decks above the main deck. creating a top heavy ship, increasing chances of it tipping on its side. They do not tell you that rogue 100 foot waves is more common than they tell us all. These ships have no helicopter pads, BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THAT THESE SHIPS ARE UNSINKABLE ..... "Hello Celine Dion. Every ship of this size should have two helicopter landing areas. Greed does not learn from past mistakes. These ships have 3000 to 6000 passengers and crew. These mega ships are factories on sea, with you being the sardine. If there is an emergency, no chopper can access passengers leaving or arriving the ship. Also, lifeboats do not operate well when a ship is at an angle. So for a few swimming pools and waterparks on the top deck, you compromise your chances of surviving. Happy sailing !!!!
Ian Brown
Crime on ship? Call Columbo! Prison facility? Nothing should be dumped into the ocean!!! Can annoying passengers be dumped in the ocean?
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