Coffee Stirrer Rubber Band rope making 1 day ago   04:57

Coffee Stirrer Rubber Band Aircraft thrust angle altered. The build for this aircraft is on video "Put a rubber band on it #0143" and the flight video was "Put a rubber band on it #0146" In this video I am trying some of the adjustments suggesting in the comments on that video.

Details of the propeller assembly can be found in ScienceToyMaker's video - Eco-Empirical Dragonfly Helicopter Build
Build video - Put a rubber band on it #0143

Wooden coffee stirrer
Styrofoam plates
Plastic pop bottle
Cotton bud tube
Thin wire
Tiny glass beads
Sticky tape
Super glue
Hot Glue
Rubber band

Hot glue gun
Sharp knife

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Comments 33 Comments

Joanne Lowery
Nice flying in bravura conditions for a wee rubber band plane. The wind in the park was always going to be a up hill battle.
Robert Sun
Reminds me of your older videos!
Doc Ink
the wind was trying to tear her apart in your hand in the 1st segment, its no wonder the glue let go. With the right conditions Im sure she'll be a charmer
Myra Madd
It's too bad one couldn't introduce a gearing system like you did your car. Maybe slow down the prop enough to give you sustained thrust.
Leonardo De Marco
Very nice flights Grandpa !! I think it was so windy in the park. And is a very soft plane to launch in a windy day.
It was better at your backyard ;-) flying in circles ❤
Ian Virco
One improvement could be adding some incidence to the wings, they are not fully aerofoil sections so they might need to deflect the airflow downward to get lift. Still it is a good little flyer, especially when you consider it's made from from 'bit 'n' pieces' of rubbish.
Hi Grandad, I wanted to know what rubber band you use for the planes.
I think you have a great mind of using rc stuff like helicopters drones and cars! You can make a new content like that! Isn’t it a good idea??
Hey this is a nice video!
You're gonna lose that plane soon. ;)
Ishan Jindia the savage coin roll hunter
Try using some of the hobby grade rubber bands that u can get for cheap. They last much longer too
It might do with a little less dihedral too. Good flying!
Lisa Houserman Lounging with Lisa
I love your vids. XOXO
Co Fa
The garden attempts are more convicing, the wind is a danger at this size ^^
Blake Barefoot 2
You need to get some tan supersport rubber
Mike Flight
Hi, Good video.

 I see you have down left thrust? All the planes I have flown and built need to have down-right thrust in order to compensate for the torque of the propeller, unless your propeller is turning clockwise when viewed from the front. I couldn't really see if it was on the video.

Just noticed after watching again that your prop is turning anti-clockwise when viewed from the front so I can't imagine why you would want down-left thrust? Are you trying to "make it fly in a left-hand circle? Just wondering. :D
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rope making Coffee Stirrer Rubber Band 1 day ago   05:07

this is how i make rope.every body wants to know i think this may help. please leave your comments and advise.